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5 Benefits of Free Site Scrapers

Author : JyothishAIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation
5 Benefits of Free Site Scrapers
Author : JyothishAIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

The Internet holds massive data which is extremely valuable.

In the year 2021, the world generated 79 zettabytes of data. 

With so much data exposed, people are discovering new ways to gather as much information as they want and get the most out of it. Scraping a website or platform for data and information has become a new normal for businesses. Big data yields big outcomes. Information collected through data is used by all kinds of businesses; finance, eCommerce, real estate, retail, banking, etc. Data scraping is delivering value to today’s modern businesses in a myriad of ways including accelerating data-driven decision-making.  

According to a McKinsey report, data-driven companies with consumer insights are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers. They’re also 6 times more likely to keep clients they acquire. In comparison to organizations that do not use data, data-driven companies are 19 times more likely to achieve and retain profitability. 

Companies are increasingly investing in data, despite the fact that it has taken some time for them to completely appreciate and embrace its value.  

With the information readily available on the internet, businesses are using advanced automated site scrapers to collect relevant data for their market analysis. Due to the abundance of data, it’s just impossible to copy and paste structured information. One has to waste manual labor and hours to collect the information and the fear of errors keeps creeping every day! Coming straight to the point, extract database from websites using AI-powered smart site scraper tool, and save a lot of time, money and avoid wastage of business resources.  

AI and big data are currently being invested in by 97.2% of businesses. 

Investing in AI with big data is frequently a smart option since AI can collect, handle, and analyze data much more quickly, scalably and flexibly. When you plan every step of your business and automate your efforts, be it in web scraping or business management, you are more likely to achieve success.

How Site Scrapers Benefit Your Business?

To collect usefulpieces of information from the internet, you need the right site scraper. Data mining using an automated site scraper tool is an effective method because it allows you to crawl millions of pages in minutes and easily collect and store information in a structured format from the internet. One can choose a free web page scraper to extract database from websites and attain multiple business benefits. The benefits of collecting data using site scrapers are incredible. From collecting data to data management, everything is supported by an automated data scraper. 

Today, managing unstructured data is a serious concern for 95% of businesses. 

Making everything efficient and manageable is the ultimate goal for the data scraping tools and their developers. They are in demand for the benefits they offer to the businesses, including:

How Site Scrapers Benefit Your Business

1.  Competitor monitoring

As a business leader, you know the importance of business awareness, so go Sherlock and start keeping track of competitors’ websites, social media accounts, ads, products/services, etc. Learn from their strengths, weaknesses, and  mistakes. Companies require up-to-date insights into their competitors’ business decisions and steps to strengthen their strategic decision-making process. Analyzing your competitors can help you discover your potential customers from unhappy customers of our competitors, crack their content marketing strategy and know the future steps to achieve success. Competitor monitoring makes your marketing campaigns more effective. Keeping up with the competition motivates you to grow on a regular basis. Staying current and educated in the ever-changing world of business can offer you the edge you need to maximize your opportunities for success. When you use a site scraper for data collection, a large chunk of quality data is received which helps in competitor monitoring. 

 70% of big companies say that having competitive intelligence would have improved the efficacy of prior efforts. Competitive intelligence is used by 90% of Fortune 500 organizations. 

So, implement a free web page scraper in your business process and start collecting data competitor monitoring.

2.  Lead Generation

According to a study, one of the top obstacles for marketers is producing high-quality leads.  

37% of marketers said that obtaining high-quality leads was one of their major concerns. 

There are data disparities to cope with, as well as fierce competition in the paid market. The use of data in lead generation increases scalability and allows for a more in-depth study of each consumer profile. Gather contact information for free, instead of spending money on lead generation tools by collecting accurate data using an advanced site scraper. Although it is not as accurate and efficient as dedicated lead generation tools, if done correctly it can be a reliable solution. You customize the scraper based on the niche topic so that it scrapes the content from relevant websites and extracts available contact information from customers. You can extract database from websites in a structured form and add the collected information to the CRM, and eventually use it to target the leads through marketing or sales strategies. In the long run, a site scraper will help you gain more leads and conversions that will accelerate the success of your business. A data-driven lead-generation strategy is truly the only option for modern businesses to stay competitive.

3. Price Optimization

Scraping prices can give you an idea of the market price of your product/service and how much you should charge for it. There are millions of product and service providers running their business through the internet. Using a feature-rich site scraper, you can collect price data from eCommerce, real-estate, and social media platforms for multiple products and services and determine the prices of your products and services. The market is not static, and your price should adapt to the changes in order to optimize profit. Through a web page scraper, you can keep track of frequent changes in the market prices effectively. With the use of a Data-Driven Pricing Strategy, you can influence consumer purchasing decisions and attract price-sensitive consumers by setting pricing for the items they browse lower than the market base price, while also optimizing revenue. Also, use data scraping to monitor items for changes in stock count and availability, which you may then use to your advantage. When you keep the prices of your products and services according to market demands, you are better able to increase your sales and achieve desired profits in your business.

4. Market Research

Market research helps you make better, more informed decisions. To launch a new product or service, one should know the current demand, competition and viability of the product in the market. You gain a better perspective of your market and target audience by analyzing your market. Research may also reveal that a new product you are planning is not what your market wants or needs. You may then opt to change what you’re going to provide to better fit your target demographic. The market research also helps in comparing a company’s success to industry benchmarks.  

According to a PWC analysis, organizations that benchmark achieve 69% quicker growth and 45% higher productivity than those that do not. 

Business investment decisions are made wisely when you know whether you’ve achieved the set benchmark of success or not. You receive all of the information you need to decide whether you should take action on a specific topic or not. Investment risks are also reduced seamlessly when you make research-based decisions. Site scrapers let you have the necessary information from market research firms, directories, news sites, and industry blogs. You can extract database from websites in a well-structured format, ready for analysis using a data scraper.

5. Sentiment Analysis

Customer service at the highest level is critical to the success of your company 

After just  two or more negative encounters, 80% of customers will switch to a competitor. 

For that, knowing customeropinion or feedback about related products is crucial for businesses. With sentiment analysis, you can capture subjective information to understand your customers better. Customer sentiment analysis is the automated technique of detecting emotions in online conversations to determine how customers perceive a product, brand, or service. It enables organizations to obtain insights and respond to their consumers more effectively. When it comes to making decisions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, having access to the correct data at the right moment will be a game-changer. Site scrapers, extract bulk information from review sites, surveys and forums. This huge amount of data is used to gain insights into business, competitors, potential opportunities and trends. This greatly benefits companies as they improve customer experience and satisfaction rate through the data obtained from scrapers. 

Apiscrapy, a leading scraping technology provider offers the above mentioned features and functionality at highly competitive rates.

Preferred Partner For High Growth


Data plays a huge importance in the success of a business. Data-driven marketing boosts ROI.

Businesses are earning 5-8x ROI on campaign expenditure with data-driven marketing. Approximately three out of every four marketing leaders polled (76%) base their judgments on data analytics.  

A data-driven strategy allows businesses to review and organize their data in order to better serve their clients and consumers.Site scraper is indeed a very useful tool for businesses to collect high-quality data for market analysis. The above-mentioned benefits of using a web page scraper, ultimately lead to business growth. Apart from the above-mentioned points, a site scraper tool can benefit through product optimization, investment decisions, and forecasting. Fulfill your business data needs by using an automated data scraper to extract database from websites. A well-built tool can scrape thousands of websites within a minute and deliver high-quality, authentic data for instant analysis. Advanced tools are fast, flexible and scalable to diverse business needs. If you want to develop your custom software for data collection, you can choose a trusted service provider like Outsource Bigdata. The company offers custom and pre-built site scrapers for free. The company has the best professionals in the software development industry. Leveraging advanced technologies and tools, they deliver custom-built software for your business while saving your business capital. To discover more about custom-built scrapers for your business, visit the official website of Outsource Bigdata.


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