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How to select The
best web scraper tool?

Author : Jyothish
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How to select the best web scraper tool?

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

 Whether it’s the daily temperatures or product prices, the internet is a great place to find actual and current information through real-time data. In business decision-making, obtaining internet data effectively plays a big role.

Around 25.9% of companies scrape web data for research and 16.1% for comparison. 

Web data extraction tool is used for faster mass data collection. Companies that wish to gain access to customers’ emails in high volume for marketing purposes prefer using the  best web scraper. Business leaders from wide industries use  web scraping tool  to get market insights. Monitoring consumers and competitors becomes easier with authentic data that you fetch using the  best web scraper tool. There is an ever-evolving array of data mining tools in the market. Services providers like ApiScrapy provide the best data scraping tools that dive deep into a large set of  digital data and help in harvesting high-quality data faster.

What Is a Web Scraper Tool? 

Data scraping is the process of collecting data in the format of your choice and web scraping tools are something that is used to complete that process. As the internet generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, it is not easy for businesses to collect, analyze, and interpret data into real, actionable insights. Using the best web scraper tool, a user can simplify the data scraping and improve its efficiency and quality. A surge is seen in the adoption of data mining tools as they cut the time of data scraping to a large extent. While choosing the best web scraper, consider some of the important criteria like a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built coding that makes it easier for non-programmers to collect voluminous data faster in the pre-defined format. Business decision-making becomes precise when you collect high-quality, authentic data using a Web data extraction tool.

Things To Look For While Selecting  The Best Web Scraper Tool

Around 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020. 

This proves that every day, the internet generates a massive amount of data that cannot be fetched manually. Using the  best web scraper is the ultimate way to collect high-quality data rapidly. The  best web scraper tool has amazing features and a friendly user interface that simplifies data extraction. A well-built web data extraction tooldelivers data with high accuracy in the format of your choice. So, if you are planning to use web scraping tools for the extraction of voluminous data, then we recommend you look for certain things while selecting data mining tools to complete your process.

Best Web Scraper Tool

1. Product scalability

The amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 exabytes globally by 2025, states World Economic Forum.  

So, it’s obvious that, if the technology increases, your data requirements will also increase. The Web data extraction tool, you choose for your evolving data needs should be highly scalable and versatile. As your data requirements increase, the best web scraper you are using shouldn’t perform sluggishly. No matter how big or small your requirements are, the data mining tools should work efficiently and deliver data without any interruption. 

2. Price transparency

A profit increase of 8–10% and a 10% reduction in overall cost is experienced by businesses using big data.  

But this profit should not be hampered when you use a web scraper. The best web scraper comes with a transparent and straightforward pricing structure. The web scraping tools should not have shady concealed expenses and a complex pricing model. Go for a service provider with a decent and direct pricing structure.

3. Data Quality

Around 91% of businesses believe data-driven decision-making is critical to their success, and 57% say they use data to make business choices. 

But if the quality of data is not up to the mark, your business decision-making will go in vain. Data quality affects your business decision-making, negatively as well as positively. So, choose a web data extraction tool that has a smart mechanism to filter out duplicate and obsolete data. Modern data mining tools come with an AI-powered mechanism that helps the user fetch data with high accuracy. It’s imperative to keep this factor in mind while choosing the best web scraper for your business data needs. Also, make sure that your service provider is providing you with cleaning and organizing data.

4. Technical Support

41% of businesses with poor project performance claim they don’t get enough project management help. 

Therefore, technical support is an important factor while choosing web scraping tools. Service providers that provide the best web scraper tool, as well as complete technical support, must be your priority. You might run into any kind of issue while scraping data using the scraper and need assistance from a technologically efficient professional. With the best web scraper service and support provider, you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong. Before making the final decision, test the customer support of the service provider by reaching out to them. Check their availability for their customers. 

5.  Ability To Tackle Anti-Scraping Mechanisms

There are a lot of websites that follow anti-scraping measures to protect their data from bots and crawlers. If you are using the best web scraper tool, you can easily bypass the security measures followed by websites. The best web scraperhas the ability to tackle anti-scraping mechanisms. With robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the smart web scraping tools offer enhanced efficiency and success during data-extraction activities. Pick a scraper with a robust mechanism of its own to overcome any type of roadblock that commonly appears during data scraping.

6.  Adapt To Real-Time Changes Of Websites

Around 90% of the internet data has been created since 2016, states an IBM Marketing Cloud study. 

This statistic proves that the internet is evolving rapidly and generates huge data every day. Websites are transforming, social media is growing and applications are modernizing. So, choose a web data extraction tool that quickly adapts to real-time digital changes. The best web scraper provider always ensures that the tool is updated and upgraded on a regular basis and battles any challenge that appears due to the internet evolution and web changes. If you are not using the modified data mining tools, then switch your service provider. It’s very clear!

7. Data Formats Of The Result

According to IDC research, 80% of all data created globally will be unstructured, meaning it would be text-heavy and does not follow a data format.

That’s where web scraping tools come into play. The best web scraper tool extracts anddelivers structured data in a pre-specified format like XML, JSON, CSV. The best web scraper also delivers data to Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, etc. It is the company’s responsibility to provide data in a well-structured and easy-to-understand format as per the user’s choice. So whenever you choose a data scraping service provider, don’t forget to ask – in which formats will you be able to deliver the data?

8.  Follows Ethical Codes Of Scraping

Scraping a single page is a simple process. When we want to scrape data in a huge quantity from a website in a short amount of time, we run into issues. We can create a scraping script or use a tool to scrape everything in a fraction of a second. Using scrapers is the best way to extract voluminous data from the internet. When you search for the best web scraper, look for a tool that doesn’t become a burden for the websites, doesn’t violate copyright, and doesn’t breach GDPR. A web data extraction tool should perform the scraping in an ethical manner. 

Apiscrapy is a leading web scraping tool and offers product scalability, data quality checks, automation and real time tracking. 


What Is a Web Scraping Tool?
A web scraping tool is a software application specifically designed to automate the process of extracting data from websites. These tools utilize various techniques to retrieve information from web pages, such as parsing HTML content, interacting with web browsers, or making direct HTTP requests to the web server. They are used to collect data for various purposes, including market research, competitive analysis, content aggregation, and data mining.
How to evaluate a web scraping tool?

Choose a web scraping tool based on these factors:
Ease of Use: User interface and setup process
Data Handling: Ability to manage large volumes of data
Customization: Flexibility to tailor scraping tasks
Support: Availability of customer support and documentation
Integration: Compatibility with other tools and systems
Cost: Pricing structure and value for money

How do Web Scrapers Work?
The function of web scrapers is to extract data from websites quickly and accurately. The process of data extraction is as follows:

Access: Send requests to a website using HTTP
Extract: Parse the HTML content to find and collect data
Store: Save the extracted data in a structured format like CSV or JSON

Different Types of Web Scrapers

Web Scrapers can be categorized as follows:

Self-Built vs. Pre-Built Web Scrapers
Self-Built: Requires advanced programming knowledge to customize to company needs.
Pre-Built: Ready to use with customizable advanced features.
Browser Extension vs. Software Web Scrapers
Browser Extension: Easy to use but limited to browser features.
Software: Downloadable with more advanced features beyond browser capabilities.
Cloud vs. Local Web Scrapers
Cloud: Operates on off-site servers, saving your PC’s resources.
Local: Runs on your PC, requiring more RAM and potentially slowing down your system.

What are web scraping tools used for?

Web scraping tools are used for a wide range of purposes across various industries. Some of the most common ones include: 

Market research
Price monitoring
Competitor analysis
Data aggregation for machine learning
Content curation
Lead generation

How do I choose the best web scraping tool for my project?

Follow these steps to choose the best web scraping tool for your project:
Define your data needs and complexity of the scraping task
Evaluate the tool’s features and performance
Consider ease of use and required technical skills
Check customer reviews and testimonials
Compare pricing plans to your budget

Are there any legal considerations or ethical implications associated with web scraping?
Many users worry about the legality and ethics of web scraping, especially concerning data privacy, terms of service violations, and legal risks. They often seek guidance on best practices and responsible scraping conduct.
Can these web scraping tools handle dynamic websites with JavaScript content?

Users may encounter challenges when scraping dynamic websites that rely heavily on JavaScript for content rendering. But many advanced tools look APISCRAPY can handle dynamic content by rendering Java Script using headless browsers like Puppeteer or Selenium.

Do these tools offer built-in features for handling CAPTCHA challenges and IP blocking?
Many web scraping tools offer built-in features to handle CAPTCHA challenges and IP blocking. They may include automated CAPTCHA solving or integration with external services. Additionally, features like IP rotation and proxy support help prevent bans, ensuring uninterrupted scraping operations and enhancing efficiency and reliability.
What are the pricing models for these web scraping tools?
When evaluating web scraping tools, pricing is a critical factor for users. They frequently inquire about pricing models, such as subscription plans, usage-based pricing, and any extra costs for premium features or services.
What makes APISCRAPY the best web scraping tool?
APISCRAPY is considered the best web scraping tool for its user-friendly interface, robust features, reliability, scalability, exceptional customer support, no-coding approach, 24/7 assistance, and AI automation capabilities.
Is Coding Knowledge Necessary to Use Web Scraping Tools?
Basic coding knowledge, especially in Python, can be helpful but is not always necessary. Some web scraping tools like APISCRAPY offer user-friendly interfaces that require no-coding.
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The Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report 2019-2023 verifies that 293 billion emails are delivered daily in 2019, with that number anticipated to rise by 4.2% annually to 347 billion in 2023.

This proves that online data generation is going to increase at a massive rate. Choose the web data extraction tool with a smart mechanism to fetch the best quality data in the format of the user’s choice. The best web scraper tool is the one that suits your needs and transforms as per the market evolution. If you want to reduce your hassles to find the best web scraper, then choose Outsource Bigdata for any web scraping requirements. You can have peace of mind by offshoring Outsource Bigdata for the best web scraping tools. Data mining tools designed by Outsource Bigdata are affordable, easy-to-understand, and have a smart AI-powered mechanism to meet any business requirement.

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