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7 Advantages Of Offshoring Data Conversion
Services Than Doing It In-House

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

7 Advantages Of Offshoring Data Conversion Services Than Doing It In-House

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

The collection of data from numerous sources has become a basic necessity for businesses. But this data cannot be collected, stored, or processed using outdated software. Every day, businesses encounter several obstacles in managing data and obtaining important information from it.

According to the report, the majority of data stays unused, with just 50% of data actually being used. 

A substantial quantity of data is lost, and some data is unused. The fundamental cause of all of this is a lack of appropriate data conversion. Withthe internet generating 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data each day across all industries, one needs the assistance of a professional and an advanced data scraper tool to collect and manage bulk data. After the collection of data in a large amount, it becomes challenging to manage, maintain, and utilize it in your business which demands the need for data conversion services. The goal of data conversion is to enable the creation of a single structure for data storage and sharing while reducing the risk of data loss.   

When a system is changed or replaced, data conversion is the common term used process of transferring data between two systems. Data conversion may also be used to change formats and edit a piece of data so that it can be utilized in a brand-new database. Every company faces a common management and financial crisis when it comes to converting data or unifying it in a single database in a digital format since it is a delicate procedure that needs careful attention. Outsourcing data conversion requirements save money and resources while assuring high-quality, error-free services that are similar to in-house data processing. 

Some of the data types that can be converted by data conversion service providers are;  

  • Compiler languages 
  • Code pages 
  • Code pages that are specific to operating systems 
  • Document types, including different text, audio, and video file formats

Sometimes data conversion services are both expensive and exhausting. If you want to make savings and give your in-house employees more time to focus on core functions, you must offshore a data conversion service provider.

Advantages Of Offshoring Data Conversion Services

As a company grows, its database expands with a stockpile of massive and diversified data it has collected over time. It cannot discard this data and information since it is critical for future references, auditing, accounting, and functional advice. One can outsource data conversion services to unify one’s corporate data and increase access and sharing via a structured single database. It aids in the identification and separation of duplicate data. The data conversion service provider also aids in classifying data based on its relevance, year, section, or kind of usage.  

Cost reduction and organizational structure trimming are two key reasons driving organizations of all sizes to offshore data translation. However, offshoring provides more than just these two advantages, and the service partner serves as a trustworthy extension of your organization. There are more advantages of offshoring services and the below-mentioned ones are the most important.  

Advantages Of Offshoring Data Conversion Services

1.  Efficient & Accurate Data Management

As we all know, converting data from one format to another is known as data conversion. While the notion may appear simple, data conversion is an important stage in the data integration process. This phase allows the data to be read, changed, and executed in a different application or database than the one in which it was initially created. Failure to convert data may lead to an inaccurate, improper and incomplete database that could take many days or even months to fix. Instead of making decisions based on improper data, offshore a company that leverages advanced tools and technologies to provide data conversion services. To simplify data conversion, they deliver complete, scalable, efficient, accurate and secure data management solutions. 

 From 2020 to 2022, managing data in multi-cloud settings is predicted to be the most difficult data management task for companies, with more than 60% of respondents rating it as a difficult or extremely difficult process. 

When you offshore a trusted service provider, your data is managed effectively. Keeping the data accurately and efficiently managed, they support you in deriving max value out of business data.

2.  Focus On Core Business Goals

Data conversion is a time taking process that also needs expertise. If you keep your in-house employees busy in converting data, how’d they manage core business functions effectively? By offshoring data conversion services, you can get an entire team of professionals working on the data conversion process. Professionals with their technical proficiency and knowledge ensure that the data is converted into easily accessible formats and unified for quick analysis. Responsibilities are shifted to the experts with offshoring and in-house employees get more time to focus on achieving core business goals.  

According to data, 57% of organizations employ outsourcing to focus on their core business.  

You must offshore to a trusted company for well-managed data conversion services and get more time and resources to focus on essential business functions and grow exponentially.

3. Expert Skill Set Availability

Data conversion is a complex process that requires expert skills and experience. By offshoring data conversion services, you can get quick access to an expert skill set. When you offshore such kinds of services, you can be assured of the quality of the work.  

According to US outsourcing data, the common motivation (18%) for small businesses to turn to outsourcing is to enhance available skills and seek professional assistance 

Companies have dedicated professionals to complete a particular task and that is why they hold the expertise to deliver world-class services to the customers. Data conversion professionals in a company use a few rules and execution strategies to make the information delivery system more efficient. You don’t have to waste your time hiring data conversion experts if you offshore a dedicated service provider. Leveraging their rich skillset, you can manage the entire process of data conversion seamlessly. Offshore companies never compromise with quality while delivering services to overseas customers.

4. Confidentiality Maintained

Data is the backbone of a company, so it needs to be protected. One mistake in data conversion will put your business data at risk. According to current security studies, most businesses have insecure data and poor cybersecurity policies, rendering them vulnerable to breaches and data theft. Get professional data conversion services from a trusted offshore company to keep your data secure. To ensure comprehensive data protection, a competent data conversion service provider will rigorously comply with international privacy regulations. They give utmost importance to maintaining the confidentiality of their client’s data. To win against malicious actors, they implement best practices in their work culture and keep your data highly secure. They also sign NDAs with their customers to ensure that their clients’ data privacy is not violated. As a result, you can be confident that they are providing services while respecting the confidentiality and security of your data.

5. Consistent & Quality Data To Use

Data conversion is the process of importing, validating and cleansing data for usage. The company you offshore for data conversion services convert and unifies data into usable formats without compromising quality. Their data handling professionals are highly trained and pay attention to details. Using the latest technology and software, they ensure that your business gets high-quality data consistently in multiple formats like XML, HTML, PDF, and others. Data, whether in digital or physical form, is always a useful asset since it allows you to make better decisions. When you receive consistent quality data, you are able to make accurate decisions and empower your business. You don’t have to worry about any technical issues because the outsourced company always employs the greatest and most up-to-date technology and software tools to provide high-quality services to their clients.

Preferred Partner For High Growth

6. No Need To Hire Additional Personnel

The majority of data conversion operations need technical knowledge and expertise. If you opt to satisfy your data conversion needs in-house, you must invest in employing experts which is a time taking process. But when you outsource a company for data conversion services, the need to hire additional personnel is eradicated. When compared to outsourcing, you will often have a limited pool of applicants in in-house hiring. This implies you have fewer options in terms of both skill and experience. Hiring entails agreeing to pay the employee a certain wage for a fixed number of hours worked, regardless of whether there is work for them to accomplish or not! That is, unlike with outsourcers, where you pay for what you receive, you may find yourself paying your staff for services that aren’t required. Outsourcing specific duties until your company becomes large enough to require a permanent staff solution to those jobs is unquestionably the best option. As a company expands, it will require additional talents and personnel, and outsourcing resolves that problem also. Highly skilled, ethical and knowledgeable professionals work on your data conversion project. They fulfill your scalable requirements by putting in their effort and time.

7. Cost-effective

Data conversion is a process that requires expensive investment into resources like technology, infrastructure and hiring experts. This will certainly increase your business expenses to a great extent. But when you offshore a service provider, your need to build a setup for data conversion is reduced. A service provider offers steadfast assistance to help you achieve your business objectives. One can offshore data conversion services and move one’s operations overseas to developing countries with inexpensive labor and resources in order to save business capital.  

According to a Statista survey conducted in 2021, India has been deemed the most appealing location to offshore services due to its financial attractiveness and availability of employees and expertise, with scores of 2.83 and 2.18, respectively.  

With cost-saving being a major advantage of offshoring data conversion services, the world is turning its attention toward developing countries like India. There are many well-established companies in India that offer world-class data conversion solutions at an affordable price.

How Outsource BigData Stands-Out From Other Data Conversion Service Providers?

Outsource BigData is among the best companies in India offering exceptional service and quality conversions needed by following ISO 9001 quality standards. While delivering services, the company ensures to maintain strict security of your data. Not just security, it also focuses on customer satisfaction and provides 24×7 support and assistance. Choose Outsource BigData for the best data conversion services within your budget. Only certified data managers handle your data conversion project. Leveraging their rich industry experience, you can build a unified, high-quality database for your business and enable smart decision-making. Data conversion specialists in Outsource BigData are maintaining an exceptional security protocol to protect your data from digital threats. They adhere to strict procedures to guarantee that the data you disclose to us is secure and protected. They have been Following six sigma quality standards to ensure proper completion of your project. Businesses dependent on big data are provided with tailored and customized solutions for data conversion projects from Outsource BigData.  

The company makes data available to customers in easily accessible formats. Storing well-formatted data in one place makes it easily accessible for you and your employees. They are aware that certain data conversion procedures may jeopardize the desired output. So, by employing cutting-edge equipment with better encoding capabilities, they make data conversion a secure and fast process. They make certain that the files are converted to the appropriate formats without sacrificing quality. Data conversion services are delivered within the shortest time possible. There is no possibility of data loss when the professionals are managing it. Outsource BigData offers low rates that can save you between 40% and 60% over in-house validation.  

Some of the file-conversion services offered by Outsource Bigdata

– File Conversion Services offerings 

– PDF Conversion 

– Paper to PDF Conversion 

– Image to Microsoft Word 

– PDF to Doc conversion 

– Paper to e-book Conversion 

– PDF file into word format, excel worksheet, etc. 

– Web Data Mining 

– Data Enrichment Services 

– Data Enhancement 

– HTML, XML Conversion 

– Data Processing Services 

– Data validation and authentication 

– Web Data Scraping 

– Data Duplication Services 

– Online and Offline Data Mining 

– Price and Product Data Mining


Whether you conduct your own data conversion or hire a company, your ultimate goal is to keep your data safe and well-managed for analysis and decision making. When you establish an in-house team, you tend to spend a lot of money on infrastructure and other resources, which reduces your ROI. So, it’s better to offshore data conversion services to a trusted company. A data conversion service provider with decade-long experience could provide superior quality services cost effectively. Begin a rewarding outsourcing partnership today!

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