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Virtual research assistant 

10x Faster 
With AI

Virtual research assistant 
10x Faster With AI

Virtual Research Assistant

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Virtual Research Assistant

Outsource Bigdata’s AI-trained Virtual Research Assistant – Your Partner in Delivering Market Insights for Business Growth

Outsource Bigdata provides AI-trained virtual research assistants, a cutting-edge solution for organizations and professionals to streamline and improve research processes. These virtual assistants are powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, allowing them to conduct a wide range of research tasks quickly and accurately. 

Businesses may confidently delegate various research jobs, such as market analysis, competitor research, data mining, and content aggregation, to Outsource Bigdata’s AI-trained virtual research assistants. Virtual assistants can search through massive volumes of data from online sources, extract essential information, and provide it in a structured and actionable fashion. 

Internet research is a time-consuming process that requires expertise and much work to uncover relevant information. Our AI-powered virtual research assistants can instantly adapt to specific research needs, giving personalized insights while saving time and money. Furthermore, they guarantee data privacy and security throughout the research process, providing clients with peace of mind. 

Hiring a virtual assistant for data analytics services from Outsource Bigdata might save you up to 60% on personnel costs.  


Who is a Virtual Research Assistant?

A virtual research assistant works remotely and conducts critical web research for your company. Additionally, they have the knowledge and experience required to undertake various forms of business-related research.  

The market research services search the internet for important facts and figures. They display the data in a thorough and simple manner. Furthermore, you can utilize this information to generate fresh ideas that will improve the performance, productivity, and outcome of your organization. 

Importance of Hiring Virtual Research Assistant in Business

It is commonly known that any developing organization needs a certain amount of research work as part of their daily operations. Whether it is technical research on the latest technologies and their engineering details, or regular marketing research involving potential customers, customer opinions and mindset, potential partners and competition, or identifying important business leads, research is an essential part of keeping a business moving forward.  

However, if you have ever considered self-managing this very important task while also taking care of other important aspects of your business, we can assure you that you are on the wrong track. A thorough investigation typically results in countless screen hours and can waste a significant portion of your workplace hours. As a result, smart and successful organizations recognize the value of delegating the task to a virtual research assistant and completing the task without the need to hire a full-time employee.  

Below are the tasks performed by a Virtual Research Assistant 

  • Aids in the editing and preparation of research papers such as articles, reports, presentations, and sources.  
  • Entering data  
  • Participates in and facilitates project meetings  
  • Maintains regulatory records and organizes information for submission to various foundations and authorities that sponsor research.  
  • Handles project-related communication and responds to it  
  • Organizes study events and does routine clerical responsibilities  
  • Planning of study activities  
  • Carries out routine clerical duties  

    Types of Tasks Performed by Virtual Research Assistants

    Tasks Performed By Virtual Research Assistants

    Products and Services Research

    Researching a product or service involves surveys, demographic data integration, and social media analysis to understand customer needs, market trends, and preferences, enabling product and service design.

    Business Trends Research

    Hire a virtual online research assistant to stay informed about business trends from home, benefiting from data analytics services for quick market responses and news updates. 

    Market Research

    Delegating market research to a professional research VA can save time and resources while ensuring high-quality work in product research, competitor analysis, and customer surveys. 

    Legal Research

    Your research VA can aid in legal analysis, navigating specialized resources, and aiding in outsourcing research to foreign areas due to varying legislation in different countries. 

    Real Estate Research

    Virtual research assistants aid in identifying top real estate agents, assessing facilities, and predicting trends, providing estimates of potential price increases, aiding in relocations and flat purchases. 

    Personal Research

    A virtual assistant can assist with home improvement, furniture design, interior design studies, personal tasks like restaurant finding, and research business ideas while you focus on running your current business. 

    Travel Research

    AI-trained virtual assistants streamline corporate travel by organizing schedules, making arrangements, and monitoring progress, providing a stress-free environment for business travelers. 

    Influencer Research

    Our virtual research assistant helps identify top influencers for your brand, boosting earnings and saving time by efficiently managing internet influencers. 

    How Automation Helps Virtual Research Assistants to Save Time?

    Virtual assistants are among the most adaptable business professionals on the planet. Entrepreneurs and business consumers rely on them to conduct a number of vital tasks. And it’s not just a busy job. But it’s the kind of work that necessitates meticulous attention to detail.  

    However, automation technology has advanced to the point where it can assist virtual assistants in taking on more work without the need for additional staff. Because automation is well suited to handling repetitive tasks and other time-consuming manual processes, it is becoming increasingly popular. And, when used correctly, virtual assistants can use it to take on more clients or provide value-added services that they couldn’t otherwise.  

    Here are some areas where virtual assistants can benefit from automation:  

      1. Data Collection

      Automation tools can be used by virtual research assistants to collect data from a variety of sources, including online databases, social media platforms, and other websites. When compared to manual data collection, these tools can save a significant amount of time and effort.  

        2. Data Analysis

        Data analytics services use automation technologies that help virtual research assistants with sorting and categorizing data, discovering patterns and trends, and producing reports. This can save time and improve analysis accuracy.  

          3. Task Management

          Automation technologies, such as scheduling reminders, prioritizing assignments, and measuring progress, can help virtual research assistants perform their responsibilities more efficiently. This can help them fulfil deadlines and produce high-quality work.  

            4. Communication

            Automation technologies can also assist virtual research assistants with communication activities including emailing, scheduling meetings, and keeping calendars. This might assist them in staying organized and in contact with their clients or coworkers.  

              Overall, automation can assist virtual research assistants in working more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to concentrate on higher-level activities that demand human judgement and creativity.  

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              Benefits of Hiring an AI-trained Virtual Research Assistant

              It makes no difference how big or small your company is. Whatever industry you work in, that doesn’t matter. You will need to undertake research for a variety of reasons, including monitoring competition, discovering new markets, launching a new product, and so on. However, doing so takes time, which entrepreneurs are always short of.  

              Hence, big companies take the help of data analytics services. They provide remote working assistants, conducting online research and data compilation in accordance with the needs of an organization.  

              Benefits Of Hiring An Ai-Trained Virtual Research Assistant

              1. Save Cost

              Not only are VAs skilled at conducting research, but they are also a far more cost-effective option. Your virtual research assistant, unlike a full-time employee, will not require perks, leaves, or vacation time. 

              2. Access to Latest Technology

              Hiring AI-trained virtual research assistants provides access to cutting-edge AI technology and tools, providing organizations with cutting-edge research capabilities. 

              3. Advanced Data Analysis

              AI-powered assistants can analyze and interpret data contextually, delivering useful insights and trends that traditional research methods may find difficult to detect. 

              4. Real-Time Updates

              AI-powered assistants deliver real-time updates, bringing clients up to date on the latest trends and changes in their research topics.

              5. Reduced Human Error

              AI-trained virtual research assistants significantly reduce human error by executing tasks with precision, avoiding distractions, and improving job quality, saving time and money on error correction and verification.

              6. Flexibility of Hiring

              Businesses can manage seasonal fluctuations by hiring a virtual assistant for set hours, allowing them to be hired when needed and terminated when not, ensuring flexibility and satisfaction. 

              7. Focus on Core Business

              Hiring a virtual assistant can help prioritize administrative and research tasks, preventing burnout and allowing business owners to focus on core competencies. 

              8. Scale Up

              To scale your business effectively, focus on understanding your clients’ motives and hiring a virtual research assistant to streamline market and consumer research.

              9. Data Privacy and Security

              Outsource Bigdata mandates virtual research assistants to sign NDAs before hiring to ensure data confidentiality.

              10. Learn More About Your Customers

              Delegating market monitoring to a virtual assistant can significantly improve business by providing in-depth customer insights, enabling better communication across various channels, saving time and effort.

              Factors to Consider When Selecting a Virtual Research Assistant

              1. Interview the Candidates Before Selecting: To find the perfect candidate for a virtual research assistant job, thoroughly test, assess, and interview dozens of candidates, ensuring they possess all necessary attributes before making a decision.

              2. Ensure that the VA is AI-trained : Select candidates with AI training for complex research tasks, real-time updates, data accuracy, continuous learning, and proficient text-based data interpretation.

              3. Use an Optimized Hiring Funnel : Outsource Bigdata automates employment funnel stages, saving time and resources by facilitating faster recruitment of the ideal virtual research assistant.

              4. Set Your Expectations from the Start : Establish clear rules and process documentation, such as a SOW (Scope of Work), to define the scope and duties of a project for a virtual assistant, avoiding confusion and increasing the likelihood of success.

              5. Don’t Make Decisions Based on Low Rates : Focusing solely on a virtual assistant’s low pay rate can lead to inexperience and micromanagement, reducing the purpose of hiring and saving time. Opt for a top-tier professional for better results.

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              Challenges a Virtual Research Assistant Faces

              Working with a virtual assistant, like working with an on-site staff, isn’t always straightforward. When you work with someone you can’t engage with in person, a variety of challenges can occur.

              These are some of the most typical virtual assistant issues that new clients face:

              Challenges Of A Virtual Research Assistant

              Time Difference

              Contrary to popular belief, one of the most significant advantages of working with a virtual assistant is the time difference. While you sleep, a remote worker in the other part of the world can organize things so that everything is ready for you when you start your workday. An eCommerce business can take calls and accommodate inquiries 24/7 without you having to work after your working hours.  

              However, there are some drawbacks related to a large time difference. Some clients, for example, misunderstand virtual assistants as robots and think they can work 16 hours a day without rest. They are human, and if you don’t respect their working hours and force them to work on your typical schedule, they will burn out.  

              Productivity Doubts

              Because virtual assistants work remotely, you can’t track their productivity. Though you trust them, you are concerned about their routine tasks. It leads to micromanagement and makes your virtual assistant feel nervous and demotivated.   


              Communication is likely to be the most difficult challenge you will face. If a VA does not communicate well it can lead to numerous problems. These include work delays and information loss. Also, clients and virtual assistants are more likely to become frustrated in the absence of clear communication channels. When this happens, both sides become unable to collaborate, and work quality can drop. 

              Advancements in Virtual Research Assistants

              1. Integration of Artificial Intelligence: More advanced AI technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, are being integrated into virtual research assistants. This connection enables them to handle and analyze data contextually, increasing the scope and accuracy of their study.

              2. Real-time Collaboration: Virtual research assistants are becoming more collaborative and capable of collaborating with human researchers in real-time. They can help with data analysis, produce insights, and provide real-time updates, making research jobs more efficient.

              3. Personalization and Customization: Modern virtual research assistants are more customizable, allowing organizations to customize their services to specific industrial domains and research demands. They can tailor their capabilities to meet individual preferences and needs.

              4. Multilingual Assistance: Many virtual research assistants now provide multilingual assistance, allowing organizations to perform research in multiple languages and access a greater choice of global data sources.

              5. Data Visualization: To display research findings in visually appealing formats, virtual research assistants are incorporating data visualization techniques. This allows firms to swiftly understand complicated findings and make data-driven decisions.


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