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Data Abstraction Services

10x Faster 
With AI

 Data Abstraction Services
10x Faster With AI

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Data Abstraction Services

Outsource Bigdata helps you to find smarter automation solutions and ways to stand out. Data abstraction services is a powerful option that allows your business to gather academic, medical, or sales data and perform vital analysis before making important business decisions. This also means you need a company you can trust to handle medical record abstraction, medical research support, NCQA abstraction, or academic research.

The world has moved away from manual data processing towards automation. If your organization has a huge volume of data and has no time to analyze it, the Outsource Bigdata processing service team can assist you and provide actionable insights. In-house data abstraction can take large amounts of your valuable time and resource, so outsourcing to data abstraction companies makes sense to your organization in terms of your financial expenditure and resource allocation. 

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Outsource Data Abstraction Services

Going through huge documents, files, pdfs to find key points takes a huge amount of time, energy, and resources. This will distract your company resources from the main focus of your business.

You can outsource the data abstraction services to data abstraction companies with years of experience and expertise in data abstraction services. We have expertise in various fields and we can offer biographic data abstraction, news abstraction among others. By outsourcing your data abstraction services to Outsource Bigdata, you can free resources, increase productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Why Outsource Data Abstraction Services?

Outsource Bigdata has been providing data abstraction services for years. We have years of experience in working with organizations from various countries and fields. Our team can easily extract information from a variety of documents such as product documents, corporate reports, customer, details, production reports, etc.

We are one of the leading data abstraction companies in India. When you outsource data abstraction services to us, you will free valuable resources at your company to focus on your business.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Abstraction Services to Our Team

By outsourcing data abstraction services to us, you can boost your business and perceive tangible results. Some of the key benefits are: 

Best Turnaround Time

Our team has years of expertise and has optimized Data Abstraction Services for the least manual involvement, thus ensuring the best turnaround time.

End to End Solutions

We offer end to end Data Abstraction solutions. Once you outsource data abstraction services to us, we will have a discussion to understand your requirements. You will then get the results without any hassle.

Data Security

 With years of experience in data abstraction services, we understand the importance of confidentiality and data security. Hence, customers’ data security is the top priority for the Outsource Bigdata team.

Cost Savings and Quick Return on Investment

By outsourcing your Data Abstraction Services to us, you will save five to ten times of the cost. 

Accelerate Employee Satisfaction and improve productivity

With outsourcing your data abstraction services, you can free your employees to focus on the important aspects of your business.


Outsource Bigdata will keep you updated with the details, actions taken and status of your project thus ensuring transparency.

Why Choose Outsource Bigdata Over Other Data Abstraction Companies?

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to contact Outsource Big Data over other data abstraction companies for your data abstraction service needs. Our team is highly experienced and is regularly trained. Outsource Bigdata is one of the data management services companies that adhere to ISO-9001 standards to maintain output and turnaround time while keeping rates down and we offer 24/7 customer support for all of our customers. Give us a call today and have a professional firm handle your data extraction and abstraction needs.

Our Data Abstraction Services Workforce is Trained on:

Outsource Bigdata is one of the data abstraction companies that custom trains its data abstraction services workforce to decrease turnaround time, increase efficiency, and productivity. Our workforce is trained on data abstraction and data mining services which include: 

  • AI Augmented Data Mining
  • AI Driven NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Automated Text Data Processing
  • Automated Web Data Processing
  • Automation Driven Data Processing
  • Automation Driven Data Conversion 
  • Computer Vision & Image Analysis
  • Automation Driven Web Data Scraping

Preferred Partner for High Growth Company - Scrape Data Easily Without Coding

Scraping data from websites no longer requires coding expertise. With AI-driven web scraping tools, you can effortlessly extract valuable information from the web. Our AI data scraper offers can easy-to-use interface for all users.

High Company Growth

AI-driven Web Scraping

Pre-built Automation

Built-in Data Processing

Quick Deployment

Data Abstraction Services in Crucial Market Segments

Outsource Bigdata is one of the data abstraction companies that has years of experience in data abstraction services and in various market segments. These market segments include and are not limited to: 

  1. Biographic Data abstraction 
  2. Journal paper
  3. News Abstraction
  4. Clinical Data Abstraction Services
  5. Healthcare Data Abstraction 
  6. Contract abstraction
  7. Research paper abstraction
  8. Real estate Data Abstraction services
  9. Document data abstraction
Outsourcebigdata Business Solution

Other Data Processing Services

We offer a range of data processing, data scraping and automation services, these services include and are not limited to: 

1. Web Scraping: We offer a complete web data scraping service to access and gather structured web data. We offer services that are suitable for businesses of small size to enterprises. 

2. Data Extraction: Our data extraction services are built keeping the best practices in mind. We offer data extraction services that are cost efficient and offer a quick return on investment.  Our services are easy and efficient in retrieval and can collect data from various sources.

3.Web Automation: Our Web Automation services include end-to-end solutions with the best industry practices in order to provide solutions for clients.

4. Desktop Automation : With our desktop automation services, you can automate your desktop UI Workflow and application testing using codeless UI and computer Vision. 

5. Catalog Content Management : In the ever evolving eCommerce world, it is important to keep your product pages updated to stay competitive. We offer end to end catalog content management services from adding content to keeping the page updated.

6. Excel Automation : Outsource Bigdata provides Excel automation services to streamline your use of applications by automatically performing tasks. We offer enterprise-wide automation that companies of any size implement and take advantage.

7. SAP Automation: Automate the repetitive processes and free your employees of precious time to focus on important tasks. We offer SAP automation services that increase productivity and frees employees for important tasks.

8. Data Management Services: Outsource Bigdata has years of experience in Data Management services and we offer an end to end data management solutions.

Outsource Data Abstraction Services Offered

  • Automated/Semi Automated Research data collection and mining
  • Automated/Semi Automated Academic data collection and research support
  • Automated/Semi Automated Sales data preparation and validation
  • Customer data preparation and validation
  • Automated/Semi Automated Web Data Mining
  • Automated/Semi Automated Data Enrichment Services
  • Automated/Semi Automated Data Enhancement
  • Automated/Semi Automated Data Processing Services
  • Automated/Semi Automated Data validation and authentication
  • Automated/Semi Automated Web Data Scraping
  • Automated/Semi Automated Data Duplication Services
  • Automated/Semi Automated Online and Offline Data Mining
  • Automated/Semi Automated Price and Product Data Mining
Ai-Powered Web Scraping Solution

Our Technology Partners


Preferred Partner for High Growth Company

Our 12+ years of experience in price scraping and adaption of the latest algorithms such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and deep learning for catering the needs of retailers makes us the preferred partner for a high growth company.


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