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How AI-Driven website crawling is
bringing a great change in eCommerce?

Author : Jyothish
AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation
How AI-Driven website crawling is bringing a great change in eCommerce?

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

Product up-selling and cross-selling on Amazon account for an astounding 35% of its overall revenue. 

 AI is a key component of Amazon’s product suggestion engine. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming popular each passing day. Can we say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in the eCommerce Industry? AI is a rapidly growing technology that supports all devices. 

With the rapid succession of technical advances, use of the AI-powered data scraping crawler is revolutionizing the eCommerce sector at a rapid pace.  

Each month more than 206 million people all around the world visit  

Collecting this much data requires modern technology. Using an AI-powered website crawler is a smart choice for large-scale data gathering. eCommerce web crawling has never been so easy. By using an AI-powered google crawling tool, you can easily get products prices, conduct keyword research, collect reviews, track ranks of products,  discover new niches and products, find best-selling products, and much more.

Beginning Of AI-Powered Web Crawling

When Accenture conducted a survey, it was found that AI can enable people to use their time efficiently and increase business productivity by 40%. 

In web scraping, an AI-powered data scraping crawler is playing a significant part. By reducing the need for coding and crawling millions of websites in a minute, an AI-powered website crawler improves the process efficiency and cuts the time taken for web scraping. Large scale crawling can be conducted using an AI-powered tool without running into the problem of IP blocks and CAPTCHA. With AI & ML algorithms followed by web crawling tools, one can overcome the challenges of web crawling easily. They can easily tackle anti-scraping measures taken by eCommerce platforms. All over the world, a lot of industries utilize AI-based google crawling as it offers authentic quality data in a short span of time.

How AI-Driven Website Crawling Is Benefiting eCommerce?

The global AI market is anticipated to reach $60 billion by 2025. 

This proves how rapidly businesses are adopting AI to bring efficiency to their operations. Like any other piece of technology used in eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence is also vital. AI-powered website crawlers can be used to get market insights rapidly. AI makes your business future-proof. Since your business decisions are affected by the data you gather, a smart AI-powered data scraping crawler ensures the delivery of authentic and high-quality data. Web crawling consists of many complex and time-consuming activities. A dynamic google crawling tool is a more manageable solution for effective large-scale data gathering. Here are some of the ways AI-based web crawling is enriching the eCommerce business.

Website Crawler

1.  Adaptive Parsing

By 2025, there will be 38.6 billion smart gadgets gathering, processing, and exchanging data. With the advancement of technology, everything on the internet is going to evolve and our needs and outcomes are no longer going to exist as a default. Developing and maintaining a parser for every different platform requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Companies that offer web crawling solutions leave that to Artificial Intelligence. An AI-powered dynamic eCommerce website crawler employs a continually enhanced learning approach to keep the system up to date and attain high-performance levels. Through adaptive learning, an AI-powered data scraping crawler observes and learns new changes to the input and output values, as well as their related properties. It learns from events that affect market behaviour in real-time and maintains its accuracy at all times. As eCommerce product pages are frequently changing in design, functionality and other aspects, using an adaptive google crawling tool has become a necessity. Using AI algorithms, a dynamic web crawler can adapt to parse any kind of page or website.

2.  Bypass Blocking Bots

Web scraping is projected to cost eCommerce firms 2% of their online sales. With worldwide e-commerce sales totalling 3.53 trillion dollars in 2019, this equates to more than 70 billion dollars. 

Due to this eCommerce platforms like Amazon employ anti-scraping measures to prevent web crawling. One has to deal with CAPTCHAs, IP restriction, Honeypot traps and other anti-scraping techniques. Through AI algorithms, a website crawler mimics human behaviour to bypass anti-scraping techniques. This gives users to break through any website and acquire important information via a data scraping crawler. Google crawling tools target websites from a variety of IP addresses, reducing the possibility of being tracked.

3.  AI-Powered Dynamic Fingerprinting

At every attempt of web scraping, a fingerprint is created. Anyone who has scraped the web has a massive collection of potentially useful fingerprints. As training data, these fingerprints can be placed in a database with labels. The fundamental challenge of eCommerce scraping is solved by AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting: improved bot activity detection algorithms. For each request submitted, an appropriate fingerprint is generated automatically. This algorithm identifies the optimal fingerprint set for every particular site and utilizes it to optimize the scraping strategy. AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting improves website success rates in a timely manner.

4.  Offers Competitive Advantage To The Company

Since 1990, the number of AI companies has increased by 14 times and Since 2000, investment in AI companies has increased six-fold. 

AI technology is rapidly adopted by companies to improve the efficiency of their operations. As the number of online platforms and activities increases, the use of AI-powered website crawlers for data gathering becomes a high priority for businesses. A modern data scraping crawler enables web data extraction without delays or errors. Web crawling via smart crawler guarantees a much higher success rate and requires less maintenance. It also gives you the advantage over competitors and users get more value for the money spent on google crawling.  

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In a study conducted last year, companies were questioned about their plans to invest in automation and machine learning technologies. 

 “AI technology is crucial to their digital transformation initiatives,” said 95% of respondents and according to 65% of respondents, automation technology is “extremely vital” to their businesses. 

AIis used by many businesses all around the world to bring efficiency and accuracy to their operations. It transforms the way companies carry out their core activities. AIMLEAP, a leading tech company, helps businesses reach their goals through its AI-based website crawler and other AI-driven solutions. Using the data scraping crawler from AIMLEAP, users can save copious amounts of time and resources. To learn more about AI-driven solutions, visit

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