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Top 10 Open Source Web
Crawling Tools To Watch Out In 2024

Author : Jyothish

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Top 10 Open Source Web Crawling Tools To Watch Out In 2024

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

Statista estimates that by 2025, more than 38.6 billion smart devices will be gathering, analyzing, and exchanging data throughout the world. 

With the advancement of technology, the number of smart devices and tools will also increase. Data extraction will be broadly applied in all the fields. Data is the new gold for the internet world, so the collection of data has become a necessity. In the past, data was extracted manually which was time-consuming and difficult. These days, businesses can take the advantage of modern technology and use smart web crawling tools. 

There are different types of tools for the web crawling process. Web crawling open source tools are very popular as they simplify and automate the entire data scraping process. The best web crawler comes with a smart mechanism that boosts the accuracy and speed of the data crawling process. The LinkedIn web crawler delivers the data in a manageable and easy-to-understand format. Hundreds of free and paid options are available with different functionality.

What Is a Web Crawling Tool??

A web crawler, also known as ant, automated indexer, bot, web spider or web robot, downloads and indexes material from all over the web. The objective of web crawling tools is to learn about every webpage on the internet so that important information is accessed easily when needed. Crawling is the technical word for automatically visiting a website and gathering data using a software program, which is why they’re called “web crawlers or tools for web crawling.” A web crawler is an automated software or script that scans or “crawls” over web pages and platforms in order to collect quality data.

 A report by Domo states that 2.5 quintillion data bytes were created daily in 2020.

 The internet has a massive collection of data which is going to increase with each passing day. By using the best web crawler, you can easily collect unstructured data in the structured format of your choice. Web crawling open-source tool reduces delays and errors in the data collection process.

Benefits of Using Web Crawling Tools

A web crawling tool is like someone who goes through all the disorganized books in a library and organizes them so that anyone who visits the library can quickly and easily find the book they have been looking for. The internet is a big platform with trillions of unstructured data sets. By using tools for web crawling, anyone can crawl millions of websites and collect voluminous data within a short span of time. Web crawling open source tools are in demand as they are scalable, easy-to-use, fast and customizable.

 In research, 78% of people claimed to use open source software for some or all of their operations and 66% stated that they produce software for clients using open source. 

The best web crawler extracts the data in a fast, simple, yet extensible way. Here are more benefits of using web crawling tools.

Web Crawling Tool

1. Keep Tab On Competitors

Those who are dealing with the tough competition in their industry need to monitor the activities of their competitors. To thrive in your industry, you need to keep a tab on your competitors and check what they are doing like their marketing strategy, pricing model, etc. Understanding what your competitors are doing can help you make smart decisions. With web crawling tools you can easily extract data automatically from various competitors’ websites without any delay and error. Tools for web crawling are designed to save your time on competitor monitoring. Using web crawling open source gives you the benefit of having access to voluminous data.

2. Low Maintenance

Approximately 15% to 40% of overall manufacturing expenses are expected to be spent on maintenance.

But if you use open-source web crawling tools, you can get rid of long term maintenance costs. Web crawling open-source tools need very little to no maintenance over a long time and that too is handled by the service provider. Web crawling service provider also handles the upgrades and updates of the tool for the user convenience. If you use low maintenance tools for web crawling, you will have plenty of time to focus on reporting and analytics.

3. High Accuracy

Business decision making is based on the accuracy of data. Data automation will simplify data extraction and improve accuracy. No wonder the global market for web crawling tools is forecast to grow. To bring high accuracy, tools for web crawling are developed open source. 

In fact, 84% of software engineers utilize open source in their professional routine, according to a Tidelift and The New Stack research study on open source usage.

Web crawling open-source tools are powered by modern technology to crawl millions of pages and extract accurate data. Duplicate and redundant data is also removed by the web data extraction tool.

4. Time-Saving

McKinsey states that at least one function is completely automated in 31% of organizations. 

Automation is all about saving time that is wasted doing repetitive work of copying and pasting. Users also don’t have to waste time on maintenance when they use the open-source web crawling tools. The entire web scraping will be automated when users choose web crawling open source tools. Use smart tools for web crawling and save time for other productive tasks that bring growth to your business.

5. Customizable

The market for web crawling tools is growing rapidly. Tools for web crawling are designed to adapt to internet changes quickly. People who lack technical skills must use a web crawling open-source tool. The process of coding is also simple when you use an open-source web scraper. Customization is also available for the users when they use open source platforms for their diverse needs.

6. Highly Scalable

In this data-driven world, businesses that rely on data have higher chances of growth. As you grow, your big data requirements increase. For your increasing data requirements, you need scalable web crawling tools. Scalable tools for web crawling enable the users to harvest as much data as they want. No matter how voluminous your requirements are, a web crawling open-source tool never stops or shows any interruption. A scalable tool also works smoothly and delivers data as per your requirements.

What Is an Open Source Web Crawling Tool?

An open-source refers to software that is publicly released and allows anyone to use, modify or distribute it according to their need without facing any restriction. Open source web crawling tools boast a wide range of functionalities and features. Open-source tools for web crawling save the data in either CSV, JSON, Excel or XML file formats. Web crawling open source tools are related to ease-of-use, high-quality data, cybersecurity and cost-saving. 

According to the worldwide technology-based firms surveyed, 81% of companies said that cost reduction was the top motivation for adopting the open-source tools. This is why, by 2022, total worldwide revenue in the open-source services market is anticipated to reach $30 billion

The best web crawler is written in Python and delivers data with high accuracy and speed. For scraping social media platform data, users can use an open-source LinkedIn web crawler.

Why Open Source Web Crawling Tools?

Open source web crawling tools are said to be more flexible, affordable, easy-to-use and quality-driven. It takes minimal resources to carry out scraping tasks while using smart tools for web crawling. The need for custom coding is also reduced when you use web crawling open-source tools. Users don’t need to pay expensive license fees when they use the website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn web crawler. Customer support is freely available for the users of the open-source crawling tool. Use the best web crawler to get access to professional, cost-effective and high-quality services.

Top 10 Open Source Web Crawling Tools

There are thousands of web crawling tools available on the internet. But if you are searching for smart tools for web crawling then you need to look after certain things. From affordability to ease of use, the web crawling open-source tool should match all your requirements. Here we present a list of the best web crawlers that collect data from different online platforms without any hassle.

Best Web Crawlers


ApiScrapy is a leading company that provides a wide range of open-source tools for web crawling. Its web crawling tools are built on Python framework and offer great usability, scalability and flexibility. It offers 10k free pre-built web scrapers for different business requirements. Choose the best web crawler from ApiScrapy and reduce your data scraping time and errors. All the web scrapers from ApiScrapy provide a friendly user interface, accurate and structured data. A free dashboard is also offered to the users for continuous monitoring and analysis of data.

Apache Nutch

Apache Nutch is one of the top open-source web crawling tools. It is highly scalable and extensible web scraping software programmed on Java by Apache Software Foundation. With a highly modular architecture, it allows users to scrape websites within a short span of time. Using quality-driven tools for web crawling is essential to get data with high accuracy. Use the best web crawler, Apache Nutch and put your data crawling process at automation.


Heritrix is one of the best open-source web crawling tools available for free. The Internet Archive has written it. It is programmed in Java and is accessible under a free software license. The main interface is accessed using a web browser, and there is also a command-line tool used to start crawls. The Internet Archive and the Nordic national libraries collaborated to develop Heritrix. It is quick, scalable and one of the best tools for web crawling. In a matter of minutes, you can crawl/archive a collection of thousands of websites. Being known as the best web crawler among non-programmer, it offers an independent, mature, highly configurable and stable platform to the users. It is compatible with Linux/Unixlike and Windows.

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MechanicalSoup is basically a Python library for automating website interaction and scraping. It is crafted to mimic the behaviour of humans like how they interact with web browsers. It fetches voluminous data at a blazing fast speed. It is counted among the most reliable and scalable web crawling tools in the market. Being the best web crawler, it supports CSS & XPath selectors.

GNU Wget

GNU Wget is a free software package that extracts data from the most widely used Internet protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS. It is counted among the best free web crawling tools on the internet. If data and file download is halted or aborted for whatever reason, the REST and RANGE commands can be used to immediately continue the operation. GNU Wget utilizes NSL-based message files and can handle wildcard file names, making it appropriate for a broad range of languages. It transforms absolute links in downloaded documents to relative links as an option, allowing downloaded documents to link to one another locally. GNU Wget is a Linux server application written in the C computer language. It is the best web crawler distributed under the GNU General Public License.


BUbiNG is a Java fully distributed open-source web crawling tool. It ensures high output, overcomes the limitations of single-machine systems, and scales linearly with the number of resources available at the same time. BUbiNG task distribution is built on contemporary high-speed protocols to provide very high output, unlike other open-source distributed crawlers that use batch approaches (like MapReduce). It is the best web crawler that crawls thousands of pages per second and collects really big data sets. Use quality-driven tools for web crawling and get high parallelism and fast data delivery. Just like BUbiNG that conducts massive crawling without any hassle.


WebSPHINX is a Java class library and interactive web crawling tools development environment. The Crawler Workbench and the WebSPHINX class library are the two parts of WebSPHINX. The Crawler Workbench provides configuring and controlling a graphical user interface for a web crawler. It allows you to graph a collection of web pages, save pages to your local drive for offline viewing, and create a custom crawler in Java or Javascript to scrape pages the way you wish. Web crawlers can be written in Java using the WebSPHINX class library. It supports multi-threaded web page retrieval in a simple application framework and can tolerate HTML parsing.


StormCrawler is amongst the most popular open-source web crawling tools. Its reusable resources and components are written in Java. If you are searching for fast, scalable and optimized tools for web crawling, then StormCrawler will perfectly suit your needs. This open-source tool is quite powerful and extensible. StormCrawler has a core module that includes fetching, parsing, and URL filtering. Use the best web crawler, StormCrawler and use it for large scale recursive crawls


Crawley is counted among the best web crawling tools available in the market. This platform turns websites into structured data in seconds. Crawley spiders and extracts high-quality data without any delay or error. Crawley’s framework is intended to make data extraction easy. It turns the web pages into structured storage such as databases. It is a high-speed WebCrawler built on Eventlet. It is easy to use and supports database engines like Postgre, Mysql, Oracle and SQLite.


Beautiful Soup is a Python module that allows you to parse HTML and XML files. Since 2004, it has saved programmers hours or days of labour on screen scraping projects with a short turnaround time. Beautiful Soup is a Python module for tasks that require rapid turnaround, such as screen scraping. It parses anything you give it and takes care of the tree traversal. Beautiful Soup 4.9.3 is the most recent version that was launched on October 3, 2020.


Data scraping is a dynamic business-building approach used by entrepreneurs all around the world. If you also want to collect a large volume of data via scraping then go smart and use modern web crawling tools. In this post, we presented a list of the best open-source tools for web crawling. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget. We recommend you choose a web crawling open-source tool that has an easy-to-use UI, rich features, the ability to detect robot.txt files and supports multiple file formats. The best web crawler should decrease your hassles by offering increased data extraction efficiency.

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