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A Complete Checklist for
building Amazon Web Scraper 

Author : Jyothish
AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation
A Complete Checklist for building Amazon Web Scraper
Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

Almost 90 % of online customers are more likely to purchase a product from Amazon than anywhere else. In fact,  

Amazon’s share of the e-commerce market is projected to increase to 50% in 2021 

This shows the success of Amazon’s web and product inventory setup. However, there are several retail businesses around the globe selling a range of products online, emerging as clear business competitors of each other. In fact, on average, small and medium-sized businesses located in the US sell more than 40,000 items per minute. These businesses often rely on using an Amazon web scraper to extract useful data from Amazon’s web and product pages. 

According to a survey by Statista, 82% of Amazon buyers listed price as a leading factor for their purchases on Amazon.  

Due to different factors like enriched products, affordable amounts, etc., customers buy from Amazon. In fact, 28% of customers buy their items off of Amazon in 3 minutes or less. This is largely due to the availability of enriched data that business leaders use to get market insights and set your products according to customer demands. In order to gain a similar level of competency, emerging businesses are consulting web scraping companies to make use of tools such as an Amazon product scraper, Amazon reviews scraper and Amazon price scraper. Using different kinds of Amazon scraping services, businesses are able to extract necessary and useful information. By doing so, they are able to implement business models and product-related data contributing in Amazon success.

Why Amazon Scraping Services?

There are several benefits for emerging online businesses in using an Amazon web scraper. It is these effective points of benefits that are persuading more and more businesses to hire web scraping companies.

  • Data scraping companies solve time-consuming e-commerce problems by extracting pre-existing data from Amazon.
  • Using Amazon scraping services, businesses can compare and monitor products prices. This is useful in keeping up with the ever-dynamic trends.
  • It is possible to get a list of top-selling products by using an Amazon web scraper. This helps businesses stay aware of the products currently trending in the market.
  • Information of product search results can be obtained by using an Amazon data extractor. This helps in optimizing the position of SEO for Amazon Search, as well as optimizing marketing campaigns.
  • It is possible to scrape Amazon reviews to obtain information on positive and negative customer reviews. This helps companies to optimize their services for customers. The company will achieve this by specifically choosing Amazon reviews scraper services.

Benefits of Amazon Scraping Services

There is a scope of huge potential benefits for choosing Amazon data crawling services. Depending on the requirements and the product base, the use of an Amazon product scraper, Amazon price scraper and Amazon reviews scraper will help a company get all the specific information required for business setup in multiple ways. 

Benefits Of Amazon Scraping Services

1.  Collect data of competing products

Using an Amazon data extractor for this purpose can help a business develop the most proper strategies and make effective decisions. It is possible to scrape Amazon reviews, prices, product descriptions, enhanced images, UPC and ASIN. All the data collected using an Amazon web scraper helps businesses develop better and competing product goals.

2.  Assess market data

By using an Amazon data extractor for scraping data of competing products, businesses can gain market insights. This will help them optimize their own internal assortment and utilize their manufacturing resources to the best.

3.  Realize target group

Amazon dealers can consult web crawling companies to study the shopping habits of consumers. In this manner, they can plan different sets of products, such as combo packs, to boost their own sales.

4.  Optimize drop shipping sales

A dropshipping business will work without an inventory or depository for the storage of its products. Using Amazon scraping services is highly useful to such businesses. This is because they can scrape Amazon reviews for other users, information about pricing, etc. In this manner, Amazon data crawling can help them understand the needs of the customers and keep up with the trends. 

Apiscrapy offers high quality services related to Amazon data scraping and data assessment.  

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What is an Amazon product scraper?

Products listed on Amazon often have several categories of information. This information can be related to the product category, its price, product name, product description or any other thing. An Amazon product scraper is used by data scraping companies to extract all of the relevant and useful information in a structured format.

Benefits of Amazon product scraper

It is possible for a product-selling business to grab huge benefits by outsourcing data scraping companies for services. These companies will use an Amazon product scraper to scrape information about competing and similar products on Amazon.

Benefits Of Amazon Product Scraper

1.  Collect global-selling products and their price data

Opportunities for international sales can be identified by using an Amazon product scraper. For example, scraping the views on such products can help identify the market base. In addition, an Amazon price scraper can compare information about the prices of these products in other markets. This will help a business identify the markets where prices are high and profitable, and also help them set up appropriate prices as per the market demands.  

2.  Identify high-demand products on Amazon

Businesses can determine what products are in high demand and how much stock of a product to hold on to, by using an Amazon web scraper.  

3.  Product categorization

It becomes possible to understand various contexts where the same product can be sold, by consulting web crawling companies. In this manner, using an Amazon product scraper further helps in the categorization of various products listed.  

4.  Scrape details not included in product advertising API

Amazon’s product advertising API will not provide the complete set of information available on the product’s listing page. However, by using an Amazon product scraper, it is possible to extract all of the available information from the page.   

How To Build An Amazon Product Scraper?

By understanding how to set up an Amazon product scraper, it will become possible to scrape Amazon reviews, price information, product information and other descriptions. Web scraping companies in the USA follow certain steps to build an Amazon data extractor that fulfills this purpose. Effective adherence to these steps ensures that the most efficient and accurate Amazon product scraper is set up for the required purpose. 

 1.   Setting up a virtual environment for the Amazon product scraper 

2.   Installing tools, packages and libraries required for Amazon data crawling 

3.   Sending a request to the URL that the Amazon product scraper needs to target 

4.   Inspecting the web page: Inspecting the page will help find unique IDs of the products that need to be targeted with the Amazon web scraper. These unique IDs include Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, prices, seller names, brands, shipping weights and other such information. 

5.   Coding an Amazon data extractor: The extractor will acquire information pertaining to the required product. This data extractor can be in the form of an Amazon product scraper, Amazon price scraper or Amazon reviews scraper. 

6.   Saving the data extracted: The data extracted through Amazon data crawling needs to be saved in the required data format The Amazon product scraper will not just extract the information but it also needs to save it in a usable data format.

What Is An Amazon Reviews Scraper?

Amazon has a huge amount of reviews listed for each of its products. Web scraping companies extract these reviews using Amazon reviews scraper and help businesses get information about customer requirements. Sole extraction of review information for a given set of products can be critically useful for a new and startup business.

Benefits of an Amazon reviews scraper

The genuine nature of reviews on Amazon makes them highly useful for businesses to gain core insights from the market itself. This is the reason why businesses often consult data scraping companies specifically for an Amazon reviews scraper that extracts product reviews.

Benefits Of An Amazon Reviews Scraper

1.  Find customer opinions

Amazon dealers can make use of an Amazon reviews scraper to recognize critical factors that influence product ranking. This helps them establish successful strategies to boost their own rankings. Using the data they obtain after they scrape Amazon reviews, the sellers can determine better strategies for how to improve on their products and customer services.  

2.  Collect reviews of competing products

Businesses can scrape Amazon reviews for the competing products in the market. By using an Amazon reviews scraper for this purpose, they can better understand the positive and negative impacts of various product criteria. This in turn will help them to understand the psychology of the target market or audience, and how to capture it more effectively. They will encourage selling good quality products to target potential customers.   

3.  Sentiment analysis over the product reviews

The information extracted from the Amazon reviews scraper can be used to understand the sentiments and emotions of the consumers towards a particular product. Understanding the public sentiments towards the products will help sellers sell products that are in high demand.  

4.  Online reputation monitoring

Large-scale businesses and enterprises often have a large assortment of products and it can be difficult to keep track of the popularity and reputation of each. However, with an Amazon reviews scraper, it is possible to scrape Amazon reviews for online reputation monitoring. This data can be used to know more about the popular products on Amazon.

Easy Way To Build An Amazon Reviews Scraper

Often, web scraping companies are tasked specifically for extracting review information of Amazon products. While building an Amazon reviews scraper for this purpose, they need to follow specifically designed steps that target the review information available on Amazon.

Amazon Web Scraper

1.  Analyzing the HTML structure of the page

It is important to understand the HTML structure of the target web page and finding patterns in it, before writing an Amazon web scraper for extracting reviews. This is because Amazon scraping services work by finding patterns in the webpage and extracting the data out. The said pattern could pertain to the usage of classes, IDs or other HTML elements in a repetitive manner. Therefore, finding the patterns related to review information is the key here.

2.  Implementation of Scrapy Parser in Python

Next, code needs to be implemented in Python that can successfully scrape Amazon reviews from the web pages. Scrapy Parser is responsible for Amazon data crawling of product pages. Therefore, the Amazon reviews scraper will need to incorporate its implementation. In this manner, the Amazon data extractor will be able to extract the required review information, as per the required rules and criteria.

3.  Collecting and storing information

By using a parser, the Amazon web scraper can extract the results in the desired format, which might be CSV, JSON or any similar format. This is the final format containing the data, after the Amazon reviews scraper will scrape Amazon reviews from the web page.

What Is An Amazon Price Scraper?

Extracting and analyzing the prices of various products on Amazon is useful for establishing strategies related to prices and studying the market. Businesses reach out to web crawling companies to give them the information of product prices they need so that further analysis can be done on the data. For extraction of this product-price data, these companies will use an Amazon price scraper.

Why Need An Amazon Price Scraper?

Having complete data related to the prices of products can be highly useful in separating out the right strategies from the wrong. This is the reason why several businesses reach out to data scraping companies to provide them with this said data. 

  • Analysis of product prices determined by competitors can help spot trends in prices. In this manner, using an Amazon price scraper helps scrape product prices to analyze the strategies of competitors and the success rates of said strategies. The Amazon price scraper is useful in identifying and implementing the best product pricing strategy.
  • A good pricing strategy established using an Amazon price scraper will increase profits by giving it an additional competitive edge.
  • Adopting the use of an Amazon price scraper is a significant move that equips a business with strategic awareness to come out on top of the competition.
  • It is possible to analyze prices in the long term through the use of an Amazon price scraper. This is done through real-time cost-tracking. You can keep track of seasonal changes in the product prices.

Steps to building an Amazon price scraper

Building an Amazon scraper for fetching product prices requires careful implementation of a series of steps. Web scraping companies that implement all of these steps in an efficient manner will thus be able to deliver the best price scraping services. 

1.  Find the target URL that the Amazon price scraper needs to scrape. 

2.  Inspect the page: Data on a web page is nested in tags, which need to be identified and separated by inspecting the different elements. This is done by right-clicking on the element and clicking on the “inspect” option. 

3.  Find the data to be extracted, such as price, name and rating. This data will be present nested in different tags. 

4.  Write the code for the Amazon price scraper. Data scraping companies have a team of programmers and coders that will perform this necessary task. 

5.  Run the code so it functions as an Amazon data extractor targeting the price information. 

6.Store the data extracted through Amazon scraping services, into the desired format. Popular formats for storing data from an Amazon data extractor include CSV, Excel and JSON.

Amazon scraping services using Python

Using Python is one of the most effective and efficient ways of providing Amazon scraping services. This is because the libraries and tools in Python allow web crawling companies to code an ideal Amazon web scraper as per the specific requirements.

Challenges in Amazon scraping services

It is not an easy task for data crawling companies to scrape Amazon reviews, prices and product information from its web pages. There are several challenges that arise while coding and an Amazon web scraper that can overcome all these obstacles. 

  • Amazon can easily detect when an action is executed by Amazon data crawling and scraping bots or by web scraping companies manually through a browser. If URLs are changed by a query parameter at a regular interval, Amazon will identify the use of a bot and use Captcha and IP bans. By doing so, it aims to keep the Amazon data crawling bots out.
  • A number of pages on Amazon have varying page structures. For this reason, Amazon web crawling companies often run into unknown response errors and exceptions.
  • Because of the enormity of their data, it takes high-capacity memory resources to scrape Amazon reviews, products and prices. In addition, the data scraping companies working on Amazon product pages need high-performance network pipes and cores. However, a Cloud-based platform can provide all the necessary tools required for Amazon scraping services.
  • Amazon often makes use of multiple security protocols and techniques to block the potential efforts of an Amazon web scraper. These techniques include copy protection, using JavaScript for rendering content and use of user-agent validations.

Requirements to build an Amazon web scraper

It is not an easy talk to successfully perform Amazon data crawling. This is the reason why businesses looking for Amazon scraping services often hire web scraping companies in the USA with advanced technologies. They are capable of performing this useful but difficult task effortlessly using an advanced Amazon web scraper. There are a few essential requirements in building an Amazon web scraper, as listed below. 

  • Python: The ease of its use and the availability of several libraries in Python make it the ideal choice at several Python scraping companies.
  • Beautiful Soup: It is one of the many libraries in Python useful for building an Amazon web scraper. Its easy and clean nature of usage makes it a top contender to be utilized to scrape Amazon reviews, product information, prices and other descriptions.
  • Basic understanding of HTML tags
  • Web browser: A lot of unnecessary information collected by the Amazon data extractor needs to be tossed out. Therefore, specific IDs and tags need to be identified during Amazon data crawling for the purpose of filtering. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer the discovery of such tags needed during Amazon scraping services.

The process of Amazon scraping services

Businesses are aware that building and using an Amazon web scraper is not an easy task. Extracting product information with ease and automation increases the requirement to consult web scraping companies. Data scraping companies can perform the required task professionally and accurately. For example, if you need to obtain product review information specifically, they will make use of an Amazon reviews scraper that targets the reviews on relevant product pages. However, regardless of the purpose of scraping Amazon’s product pages, the necessary steps to be followed through will be the same, and equally important.

1.  Create user-agent

Websites like Amazon make use of certain protocols to block bots conducting Amazon data crawling to access the data. Therefore, data scraping companies need to create a user agent that will run on the script of the page. The user-agent is basically a string that tells the server about the type of host sending the request.

2.  Send a request to the URL

The requested page will contain an Amazon product that the Amazon scraping services are targeting. The Python script would be designed to extract or scrape Amazon reviews, product name, current product price and other such details from this very page. 

It is required for the data scraping companies to be polite by not sending too many concurrent requests and respecting the robot.txt file. Requests are sent through the “requests” library. In case the web crawling companies get a “no module named requests” error, the said can be installed via “pip install requests”.

3.  Create information soup

Beautiful Soup is a Python library commonly utilized by web crawling companies, as it helps in getting data out of HRML, XML and other markup languages. After the request is made, the webpage variable would contain the response that is received. The variable should be able to pass the content of the response and the type of parser to the Beautiful Soup function. The function will then pull the particular content from the webpage, remove the HTML markup in it and thereby save the information. 

Beautiful Soup is one of the most popular tools used by web scraping companies in the USA. All in all, it helps in cleaning up and parsing the document that is pulled down from the web page. Beautiful Soup employs the use of LXML as a high-speed parser to break down the HTML page into complex Python objects. Generally, the Python objects are of the following four kinds.  

1.  Tag: It corresponds to HTML or XML tags, which include names and attributes. 

2.Navigable String: It corresponds to the text stored within a tag. 

3.  BeautifulSoup: This is basically the entire collective parsed document. 

4.  Comments: These include leftover pieces of the HTML page not belonging to the aforementioned categories.

4.  Discover specific tags for object extraction

The data scraping companies need to get on the web page in a browser and inspect the relevant elements by right-clicking on them. Thereafter, the parent tag that needs to be targeted via the Amazon data extractor can be identified and all the required data can be extracted.

5.  Python script for the Amazon web scraper

Python code is written by the data scraping companies in order to extract the information that needs to be retrieved. If the Amazon web scraper is successfully able to extract information from a single web page, then all that’s needed is for the URL to be changed while targeting multiple web pages. 

6.  Fetch links from an Amazon search results page

Fetching single individual links can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Instead, web crawling companies can extract all similar links by using the find_all() function. This greatly increases the efficiency of Amazon scraping services.

7.  Python script for scraping multiple web pages

When scraping multiple pages, the Python script of the Amazon web scraper needs to be modified as per the list of all information on the targeted web pages. In addition, the most efficient of the Amazon scraping services need to be able to shift the URL to that of another search results page. By achieving this, web crawling companies can target multiple web pages with minimal repetitive effort.

Achieve agility with an Amazon web scraper

Using Amazon scraping services can help achieve agility and efficiency for a business that is into products selling either on a small-scale or mid-scale level. These services allow the business to scrape Amazon reviews, prices and other product information. Thereafter, an analysis of the extracted data can help build the best strategies for their own business. In fact, these advantages are the reason for the growing popularity of web scraping companies in the USA. These companies often code an Amazon product scraper for efficiently handling the scraping task. This information scraper shall perform all the necessary scraping functions as per the specific product base of a business. 

An increasing number of emerging businesses are open to the option of using an Amazon web scraper to grow into the digital retail market. For this reason, they are looking to hire web scraping companies and data scraping companies that can perform this job. These companies will scrape Amazon reviews, prices, product names and descriptions, and other useful information in a cost-effective way. By using this valuable information, competitors can gain the necessary competitive edge. They will achieve this through an in-depth market analysis that will help them devise strategies that accelerate growth. Therefore, adopting the use of an Amazon web scraper promises to benefit emerging businesses on several levels. This makes hiring Amazon scraping services one of the fastest and most effective ways to leave your competitors behind.

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