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How To Choose a Suitable Web
Data Scraping Company?


Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

How To Choose a Suitable Web Data Scraping Company?


Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

During the first quarter of 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users all around the world. Around 59.5% of the global population is actively using the internet today.

So, the billions of internet users are generating billions of data points every second. Data is said to be the oil for the digital world as it helps business leaders uncover digital insights to achieve their business objectives. The internet resembles an endless sea of unstructured data. The data on the internet is in an unstructured and disorganized state. You can scrape data from websites and social media platforms and organize it in a structured format through a data scraping tool. Through the best web scraper, users can extract data according to their requirements, budget and other priorities.

Web scraper service providers with an automatic web page scraper can help users do data scraping for small or large level business purposes. Purchasing a data scraping tool is a more convenient option. When scraping data on your own, you’re likely to run into a lot of hurdles. As a result, a web scraping tool is more advantageous and dependable for scraping jobs. Automate your scraping task to avoid any hassles in this area.

What Is Web Data Scraping?

The process of scraping data from websites and importing it in a structured format is known as web data scraping. Web data scraping can be conducted manually and automatically. For web data extraction, knowledge of programming is required. Hence, a more convenient option available in the market is an automated web page scraper. When it comes to web scraping, most businesses are still confused about whether to perform it in-house or use a tool. When scraping data on your own, you’re likely to run into a lot of hurdles. 

Multitasking and task switching cost businesses 40% of their productivity. 

Data across apps may be simplified via automation, which saves time by boosting visibility and centralizing tasks. Thus extract data from websites using the best web scraper. It’s better to be hassle-free in this area by adopting an automated web scraper service.

Benefits Of Offshoring Your Web Scraping Requirement To a Service Provider

A lack of alignment within a team, according to 97% of employees and executives, has an influence on the outcome of a job or task. 

If you deploy internal resources to extract data from websites, then the data extraction process will become slow and flawed. Teams need to be aligned to improve the impact of the data scraping process. Data extraction is the requirement of every growing business. But the task of scraping data from the internet is a process that requires dedication and concentration. At first look, the procedure appears to be extremely complex and full of jargon. Data scraping is pretty technical. Creating and running a full-fledged data mining team is a time-consuming and costly endeavour. So, offshoring web scraper service is the most convenient way to extract voluminous data in a matter of seconds. Experts scrape data from websites efficiently without any errors.  

Benefits Of Offshoring Web Scraping Service

1. Ready-to-use data

Companies lose approximately $1 trillion each year due to lost productivity and poorly handled leads, which may be avoided using data scraping automation service. When you scrape data from websites using an automated web page scraper, you get ready-to-use authentic data at a high speed. Choose a company having expertise in delivering the best web scraper service focused on the ‘Automation First’ approach. You get uninterrupted data flow in a readily accessible format of your choice and make smart decisions. Applying the latest technologies like AI and ML, data scraping service providers improve customer experiences and outcomes.

2. Fully Managed

With offshoring, you get fully managed enterprise-grade web scraping services. From setting up a web page scraper to running it, the web scraper service provider makes sure that the data is delivered on time. Whether you want to scrape data from websites or portals, an offshore service provider can fulfill your bulk data needs on time. The data processing cycle may be interrupted at some point. You may have a lot of queries and concerns that need to be addressed by the crawling service provider or the specialists themselves. If something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about it; thanks to excellent customer service. The offshore data scraping service providers prioritize customer support.

3. High-Quality

Due to the poor quality of data, businesses lose as much as 20% of revenue  (Kissmetrics).

 If you don’t understand the negative effects of poor quality data on your business decisions, then you are doing your company, a disservice. The quality of data is critical as your analysis and strategies will be impacted by it. Since the data is the oil of the current digital world, when you scrape data from websites, it should be clean, accurate and structured. Extract data using a premium quality web page scraper and get high-quality data that is fit for consumption and meets the needs of end-user. 100% accuracy is an aspirational goal of the provider of web scraper service.

4. Data Delivery In Easy-To-Understand Format

First and foremost, while working with a crawling service provider, you’ll want to know what file formats they can offer the data in. When you have a dedicated offshore web scraper service provider you receive data in a format that is convenient for the end-user like XML, JSON, CSV and Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage and FTP among others. They help you run web page scraper and scrape data from websites in multiple formats to ensure compatibility and ease of use with your data analytic system.

5. No Infrastructure and Hiring Cost

To reduce or control costs, 59% of companies choose outsourcing. 

Offshoring a web scraper service provider allows you to eradicate certain expenses that come with in-house web scraping. When you scrape data from a website manually or hire experts to program the data scraping process, you have to spend money on the complete setup. Offshoring a web scraping service provider cuts down the cost that comes with in-house web scraping. They set up the web page scraper for you without giving you the hassle of coding so that you can scrape ready-to-use data as per your needs without any problem. 

For more details on controlling costs and outsourcing of web scraping services, please visit

Consider The Following When Choosing a Suitable Web Data Scraping Company

The internet is an infinite collection of unstructured data. When you extract data from the websites, you need the data to be structured in an easy-to-understand format. So, choose the web scraper service provider to ensure maximum output is delivered. An experienced web page scraper service provider leverages its collective experience to fulfill complicated and demanding web data scraping requirements. They should code the best web scraper that extracts data from websites while handling different levels of complexity. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a suitable web data scraping company that has rich experience in solving challenges and inventing new methods of extracting web data.

Web Page Scraper

1. Scalability

24% of small businesses outsource to increase their efficiency. When a business offshore web scraper service, it is rewarded with extra time and greater staff support. This allows them to scale and expand their footsteps in the global market. But with scalability comes increased demand for data. To choose a suitable web page scraper, consider a service provider that is scalable and future-proof. They should have world-class resources, infrastructure, and manpower to cater to your business needs, be it small or large. With highly scalable services, you can scrape data from websites in high volume as per your business needs without any interruption.

2. Transparency

Approx 9 out of 10 people, approx 85% of businesses are more likely to stick by a service provider during a brand crisis if it has a history of delivering transparent service. 

Transparency is the fundamental element building a strong relationship between service providers and customers. When you choose a scraping service provider, make sure they have a transparent service model. They should give crisp and clear pricing plans and not have any hidden costs. No matter how big or small your requirements are, it’s the responsibility of the service provider to be transparent and establish a clear and friendly relationship with the customers.

3. Adaptability As Per Website Modification

Websites you scrape data from sometimes undergo changes that might be aesthetic or structural. So the web scraper service you choose should take care of such changes. It’s necessary to use a web page scraper that adapts with the website modifications, be it small or big. If a product doesn’t adapt to changes, then you might struggle to extract the data in a very clear and proper format. When you plan to scrape data from websites, use a scraper service that must change in accordance with the website’s changes.

Preferred Partner For High Growth

4. Avoid Anti-Scraping Mechanisms

Web scraping is a data extraction technology that allows users to extract data from websites rapidly and deeply. It places additional strain on the target website throughout the scraping operation. A crawler that sends an excessive number of requests to a website may cause the server to crash. As a result, many websites use anti-scraping measures to defend themselves from being “attacked” by web-scraping tools. A crawling service provider should have the latest technology to bypass anti-scraping techniques employed by websites. When you scrape data from websites, it should tackle Geo-restrictions on the websites and deal with CAPTCHAs, IP restrictions, Logins, etc. The best web scraper should have innovation that can deal with challenging scraping circumstances.

5. Technical Support & Maintenance

Zendesk’s report states that 3 out of 5 customers report that good customer support is a critical factor in building brand loyalty. 

Customer support is critical when you scrape data from websites in large volumes. Sometimes, you might encounter certain problems while extracting data from websites using a web page scraper. You have plenty of options and queries that should be resolved by the web scraper service provider. Unsolved issues can lead to data loss. When you receive great customer support, you don’t have to worry about getting things wrong. So, the service provider you choose should provide you with 24×7 customer support and solve your queries using modern support tools on time.

6. Data Delivery Options

The best web scraper always delivers the data in multiple formats to ensure compatibility and ease of use. Whichever format you’ve been looking for when you scrape data from websites, make sure that the web scraping service provider can deliver it. The most common data delivery formats are XML, JSON, CSV. It’s a smarter decision to go for the one that delivers data to Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, etc.

7. Data Quality

It costs $1 to prevent duplicate data, $10 to fix it, but if left untreated, it may cost up to $100 to store it, a report by SiriusDecisions.

 When you scrape data from websites in large volumes, you receive excessive duplicate data copies that significantly decrease the storage capacity of the server and become a burden. If a system doesn’t have a smart mechanism, it might not be able to deliver high quality, accurate data. Data quality and accuracy is a matter since your analysis depends on it. So, whenever you choose a web page scraper make sure it has a smart mechanism to filter our inaccurate, duplicate and flawed data. You have to be very careful while choosing a web scraper service provider that delivers good quality, clean and structured data in a short time.

8. Budget Friendly

The prices of data scraping vary from one web scraper service provider to another as they have different pricing models and packages. Pricing also depends on the data you scrape. If you want to scrape data from websites in a larger volume, then offshore the best web scraper services from Indian data scraping service providers. They offer high-quality data scraping solutions at minimum cost. 

According to a survey done in 2021, India has been deemed the most desirable location for offshore business services due to its financial attractiveness and availability of personnel and expertise. 

Most offshore service providers, especially in India have an outcome-based price model which allows users to pay only for what they consume.

Bottom Line

The digital market has made a giant leap in the last decade. So, in this digital landscape, you need to do multiple things to survive and thrive. One of the most important steps is market analysis. To collect market insights and monitor your competitors, you need to scrape data from websites using the best web scraper. For beginners, the scraping process is pretty confusing to understand. Find a web scraper service provider who can cater to your end-to-end web page scraper needs. Evaluate your options wisely and consider a trusted scraping service partner with proven expertise and experience. 


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