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How AI-Augmented Catalogue Services Can
Benefit Your e-Commerce Business?

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

How AI-Augmented Catalogue Services Can Benefit Your e-Commerce Business?
Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

When it comes to making purchase decisions, 88% of online consumers consider detailed product content as being essential.

Because of the lack of sufficient product information on your eCommerce platform success will be difficult to achieve. Running an eCommerce platform is more than just creating a website. These days, customers read each and every detail about a product. Therefore, you need to have a well-managed and detailed online product catalog as it makes a big difference in how your products are represented and categorized in the marketplace. 

You can get a professional Catalogue Service for end-to-end explanations of your products with relevant photos or visuals. eCommerce management services help you to overcome eCommerce business obstacles. Product catalog management includes product classification, title creation, product information generation, SEO-rich product descriptions, content optimization, and image and video collection. One can offshore eCommerce cataloging services to get professional eCommerce catalog management for adding or modifying information related to products.

What Is AI-Powered Catalog Service?

Artificial Intelligence is a key force driving the evolution of technology into the business world. 

Even Gartner forecasts, AI augmentation, a human-centered partnership model between humans and AI technologies working together will provide a business value of $2.9 trillion and 6.2 billion hours of increased worker productivity worldwide by 2021. 

With the use of big data, AI builds a well-organized catalog for eCommerce websites, thanks to its ability to remember previous purchases, searched products, and the online browsing habits of customers. Companies offer AI-powered eCommerce catalog management tools that enrich your retail catalogs. Using the AI, the product catalog management tool extracts product data and generates high-quality, detailed product tags, titles, and descriptions. Choose AI-powered Catalogue Service to add or modify your product catalog. eCommerce management services accompanied by AI help you get high volumes of product data with accuracy and speed. AI-powered eCommerce cataloging services give you the flexibility to present the product in a personalized way.

How AI-Powered Catalog Benefits Your eCommerce Business? Provider

By leveraging AI for product catalog management, businesses can efficiently build a massive, well-organized catalog with accurate and relevant product information. The productivity of the entire catalog development process improves with AI-powered eCommerce catalog management. 

Nearly 80% of business and IT leaders think AI boosts productivity and create new jobs, states 2015 State of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in the Enterprise Report. 

If so many IT and business leaders are saying AI boosts productivity, then it can’t be proved wrong. Not just that, when you employ a professional AI-powered Catalogue Service provider, you get data-driven Insights that are crucial for improving the quality of your product catalog and increasing conversions. Offshore eCommerce management services & get confidence to grow your eCommerce business.  

Ecommerce Catalog Management

1. Price Optimization

Think with Google, 2019 survey states that 51% of customers use Google to do research before making an online purchase. 

What could be their shopping habits? What product do they purchase the most? Which is their favorite shopping destination? These are the questions answered by AI. Artificial Intelligence has an amazing cognitive ability to remember customer habits, their needs, their favorite products, their budget, their shopping frequencies, etc. AI output accuracy is high, so you can decide on a perfect price for your products. Through AI-powered product catalog management, users can optimize pricing strategy based on a variety of factors, such as the product’s best discount and promotional prices, how a product’s pricing affects other products, competitor product prices, and more. Choosing the right Catalogue Service provider is essential for the AI-powered eCommerce management services that help in price optimization.

2. Inventory Management Predictions

Around 73% of retail firms make incorrect predictions despite their massive investment.

It, therefore, means as an online product seller, you need to choose the right technology to make correct inventory management predictions. OUT OF STOCK are the three words that disappoint customers and reduce benefits, but online businesses avoid stocking products and later face lower profit margins. You can create a balance between the two by opting for AI product catalog management. By choosing AI-powered Catalogue Service from experts, you make the right inventory management predictions & ensure product availability according to its demand. Offshore eCommerce management services from a certified company so that you get AI-powered product management and anticipate future demands of a product.

3. Conduct Targeted Advertisements

AI and machine-learning are more important to marketing and sales than any other function in businesses today (40%) – A Research By Forbes. 

AI helps marketing teams conduct targeted promotions. AI algorithms help you collect and parse the most accurate customer data, like their preferences, shopping habits, search history, etc. With AI-powered product catalog management, you can analyze your ad spend, targeting, and outcomes, and then determine what activities will result in better outcomes over time. On a huge number of complicated initiatives, these actionable insights are supplied and used at scale. When it comes to marketing campaigns, AI’s capacity to learn and develop without human intervention gives brands a huge edge. Forward-thinking businesses are embracing AI-powered catalogue service. Choosing eCommerce management services, they are optimizing their marketing campaigns and dramatically increasing customer engagement.

4. Natural Language Automation

Make searching of your product catalog easier, especially new releases with AI product catalog management. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), computers can interpret text and spoken language in the same way humans can and we call it natural language automation. Integration of voice search feature with your eCommerce websites helps the users to search products faster in their languages which improves your sales. Catalogue Service providers can integrate voice search feature with your eCommerce platform. With AI-powered eCommerce management services, they categorize products using both keywords and natural voice commands.

5. AI-Driven Shopping Assistants

60% of Indians, according to a survey conducted in May 2019, have a high degree of faith in digital assistants for online purchasing.

AI-driven shopping assistants are redefining the eCommerce industry. They mimic humans and allow customers to ask questions and receive a satisfactory response. Companies use these digital assistants to reach their customers on any channel to increase product visibility and brand awareness. Catalogue Service providers can deploy virtual shopping assistants to help your customers shop for the best products. They provide the best eCommerce management services. AI product catalog management is all about automating the entire shopping experience of your customers and improving your way of doing online retail business.

Applications of AI In Product Catalog Management

Product Catalog Management

It’s clear that eCommerce product catalog management is hard. Presenting a product with accurate specification, the right image, and its categorization requires precision and time. There is no room for mistakes. One wrong step, you can ruin your customer base. For driving online sales, correct product catalog management and presentation is the first step. By applying AI in eCommerce catalog management, you can boost the entire process of product uploading, content creation, image selection, category selection, etc. You can take the help of a Catalogue Service provider to apply AI in product catalog management. With AI-powered eCommerce cataloging services, you can save your online business from frauds and grow its presence exponentially.

1. Automate Product Tagging

In an eCommerce site, each product has a number of tags that identify its qualities, features, and the category to which it belongs. In addition to color, type, and size, these tags provide information about the product’s brand and usage. These tags are meant to provide information about the goods to visitors and shoppers. Tags have a significant impact on customers’ purchasing decisions. Customers can explore your complete catalog with ease and quickly locate goods that fit their needs; thanks to automatic product tagging, which improves product discoverability as well as click-through rates on search engine results. With AI-driven eCommerce catalog management, you can automate product tagging easily. Catalogue Service providers can help you by delivering AI-powered eCommerce cataloging services.

2. Produce High-Quality Content For Your Products

According to 51% of organizations, upgrading outdated content has proven to be the most effective technique, states SEMrush in its 2019 report.

Without SEO-friendly, unique content, you can improve the visibility of your products in the online world. Create unique SEO-optimized product descriptions for all products with AI-driven eCommerce catalog management. Choose AI Catalogue Service provider for world-class eCommerce cataloging services and identify content gaps in your existing eCommerce content, fix them, and measure performance analytics.

3. Automate Selection Of The Images For Your Product

No one can deny the fact that visuals attract and hold the attention of customers on eCommerce platforms. Selecting and uploading the best product pictures are essential to highlight the product and boost its sales. By applying AI in the eCommerce catalog management with the help of a professional Catalogue Service provider, you can automate the selection of the product images and enrich your product catalog with relevant images. When you opt for AI eCommerce cataloging services, you get the benefit of showcasing the best images for your products in a short span of time.

Preferred Partner For High Growth

4. Create On-Model Fashion Photos

Big Commerce found that 78% of online customers want product photos to bring items to life.

You need to exhibit your products like clothes and jewellery on models to bring them to life, but model photoshoots are expensive and require a lot of time. With AI-powered eCommerce catalog management tools, you can create high-quality on-model product photos at scale. Catalogue Service providers integrate an AI-powered product management tool to create realistic images of products on models. With professional eCommerce cataloging services, you can save photoshoot costs and a lot of time.

5. Inventory Management

34% of online product sellers have delivered an item late because they accidentally sold a product that was out of stock.

Your company cannot afford to disappoint clients or turn them away due to a shortage of inventory if it wants to remain ahead in a digital world and compete against eCommerce giants. Today, AI-powered eCommerce catalog management tools collect historical data on the past purchases of the products and assist the sales staff in driving conclusions for easier decision-making. This way, you can anticipate how much of a given product you will sell by a certain date and manage your inventory according to the market demands. Get AI Catalogue Service from a certified company for accurate product data. With high-quality eCommerce cataloging services, you’ll be able to manage your inventory according to slumps and spikes in market demand.

6. Sales forecasting

50% of eCommerce players have automated their sales, marketing, and customer care departments.

The reason is time-saving and data collection accuracy. Product sales forecasting depends on its historical purchases. If you can anticipate the demand for a particular product in the market, it will become easier for you to stock inventories efficiently and reduce unwanted costs. Stocking products without knowing its demand is not a good idea. With an AI-driven eCommerce catalog management approach, you can collect data with high accuracy and make the right predictions. 

7. Image search

MediaPost surveyed and found that visual search is going to make a big impact in eCommerce.

Customers don’t want to waste their time in textual searches. They’d rather choose image search. Visual search is one of the most promising technologies. By adopting an AI-driven eCommerce catalog management approach, you can activate image search in your eCommerce platform and help your customer find exactly what they want instantly. This majorly shortens the user journey and checkout time. Today, only 8% of top online retail stores are using image search. By choosing the right AI eCommerce cataloging services, you can also include yourself in these 8% eCommerce stores.

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Artificial Intelligence makes eCommerce catalog management easier and efficient. Reduce the margin of error, make the right predictions and build a more wholesome product catalog by leveraging AI-driven product catalog management. About 54% of CEOs believe that AI has improved productivity at their company. AIMLEAP takes care of all your eCommerce catalog management needs and provides extensive support. From updating existing products in your catalog with new information to helping you with the right image processing, AIMLEAP ensures that your eCommerce store is up to date. If you want professional AI-driven eCommerce cataloging services, request a demo from AIMLEAP. You’ll get an in-depth understanding of our eCommerce management services. You will also get a chance to discuss your unique needs and challenges with experts when you choose AI-powered Catalogue Service from AIMLEAP.

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