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Client Background

A leading energy product data service provider company has been working with AIMLEAP for above 7 years in different data collection, data enrichment, and data enhancement projects. AIMLEAP was working more on their back-end data processing part. Their existing vendor for automation and further analytics solution was slightly expensive. Hence, energy data services company with a broad vision for automation and analytics turns to AIMLEAP to reduce cost & increase efficiency.

Approach To Solution

AIMLEAP – Outsource Big Data developed a proof-of-concept for automation based on Robotic Process Automation. POC was well accepted and automation implemented to end-to-end project. Also, AIMLEAP deployed analytics professionals to replace the current analytics – model monitoring and support activity.


Saved $70000 per year


Reduced end-to-end data processing time by 40%


Increased ability to scale up process for market expansion by 60%
Energy Data Provider

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