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5 Points Checklist While
Choosing Data Extraction Software

Author : Jyothish
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5 Points Checklist While Choosing Data Extraction Software

Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

The importance of data is inevitable in this tech-driven era. In the following years, the worldwide big data analytics market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of about 30%, with sales exceeding 68 billion US dollars by 2025, up from roughly 15 billion US dollars in 2019. In this cutthroat competitive environment, organizations that employ Big Data and analytics have a bright future. Data can be used for competitor analysis, market research, business monitoring, product and price optimization, or any other use case. Data-driven decision-making has become a necessity for businesses.  

According to BARC, enterprises are reaping the benefits of Big Data, with a 69% likelihood of better strategic decisions, a 54% chance of improved operational process management, a 52% chance of a better knowledge of customers, and a 47% possibility of effective cost reduction. Organizations that are reaping the advantages of Big Data reported an average 8% rise in revenues and a 10% decrease in expenditures. 

The increased demand for data makes it critical for companies to choose the right data extraction software. Web scraping (or data extraction) software is employed to collect unstructured data from the web and convert it into a standardized format that can be put into a database. Unstructured data might include emails or other contact information, reports, URLs, and so on. To understand the text and link it to other data, the data conversion technique employs a range of structural assessment approaches, such as text pattern matching, tabulation, or text analytics. To collect high-quality data in a structured format, you must gauge the data extraction software against certain factors that influence the quality score of the data extraction. Consider the following checklist. It encompasses all the features, capabilities and other aspects that a worthy data extraction software should have.

Consider These Points While Choosing Data Extraction Software

Global Data Extraction Software Market will exceed USD 196.88 million by 2030, up from USD 149.09 million in 2018, growing at a 3.75 percent CAGR from 2019 to 2030.  

Key drivers increasing the growth of the data extraction software market are the need to capture current market conditions and demand, market risks, competitor analysis, new technology evaluations, acquisitions, new trends, and their implementation. With the increased desire to automatically extract digital data, numerous types of automated data extraction software have emerged to assist businesses, analysts, researchers and organizations in simplifying and managing the data extraction process. So, with so many software options available, which is the best automated data extraction solution for your business? It is determined by your site data extraction needs. The ideal automatic data extraction tool is one that performs well while requiring little time and effort. Here is a list of important elements to consider while selecting the best automated data extraction software:

Points To Consider While Choosing Data Extraction Software

1. User Experience

According to statistics, 25% of apps are used only once. 

It’s reasonable to assume that apps with poor UX fall into that category, emphasizing the necessity of a positive user experience. If the data extraction software is relatively easy to set up, clean, sophisticated and friendly, you can ultimately collect a large amount of data in the shortest time possible without facing any inconvenience. The structure of the software interface should be straightforward enough to take you through the process of running a scraping process when you run the software. There are pre-built data extraction tools available in the market designed to scrape complex sites without coding. Depending on the purpose of data extraction software, look for one which can deliver data at a faster speed. If you are a beginner with limited tech knowledge, then a pre-built data extraction tool with a clean and friendly User Interface should be your ultimate choice. Choose a software trial to check the user experience and everything. There are many service providers offering free trials to the customers so that they can check whether the software is fulfilling the demands of the users or not.

2. Scalability & Flexibility

Choose a data extraction software that can be customized based on your changing requirements. From scheduling data scraping to choosing data formats and everything in between, the data extraction software should be capable of meeting your flexible requirements. It must have the ability to easily integrate with external sources such as databases, cloud storage, and other applications. Today, advanced software is capable of extracting data in real-time from diverse data types such as; PDFs, web pages, mobile apps, surveys, bills, etc. A cloud-based data extractor works round the clock to design your ideal workflow for automating repetitive operations at scale, allowing your team to focus on higher-value work. As your business scales, the requirements also increase, so the data extractor you choose must be highly scalable. Scalable tools are made to handle large-scale requirements. Opt for a DaaS provider for large-scale data requirements like Outsource Bigdata which is a reliable and scalable option for big data needs of business needs. It automatically scales as data volume increases without interfering with your pipeline. Scrape data from any website using leading data scraping providers such as Apiscrapy and enable ready-made automation in a few clicks to enhance your leads, run analysis activities, or scale translation. Open-source software is frequently free, fully flexible, and readily available to the general public.

3. Overall Cost

Businesses use pre-built data extraction software to save time that is spent on setting up in-house teams and infrastructure prior to developing software. So, if you are on a constrained budget, you must check multiple software options available in the market at a reasonable cost. While some more expensive alternatives are unquestionably superior in terms of service, advancement and flexibility, they may not be financially feasible for you. Make sure that the software is not limited to a single plan; it should have many pricing plans, of which you can choose a plan that suits your project needs. Also, check whether they provide a certain price reduction for long-term usage of the software or not. There are a lot of service providers offering free data extraction software to customers. They help users save a lot of money by providing them with a free tool. They follow an output-based pricing model in which users pay for what they consume and save their business capital.

4. Reliability

Choose data extraction software from a dedicated data solution provider who can serve your business intelligence needs effectively. Because low-quality data and inconsistency may wreak havoc on your data project, it’s critical to select a reliable data extraction solution. It’s also a good idea to see if it can handle your long-term data needs. Choose a data extraction service provider that can provide software suitable for long-term data requirements, is stable in the market, possess a good reputation for data extraction, and is used by a significant no. of companies. No matter how big your data requirements are, the software must reliably serve you. To extract and process data, reliable and fast data extraction software can handle various sorts of document layouts. It possesses all of the characteristics of a dependable, productive, and effective data extraction system. Choose AI-integrated, end-to-end automated software to improve your company’s internal data extraction operations.

5. AI - Augmentation

According to 54% of executives, incorporating AI into their office has enhanced productivity. AI, according to 79% of executives, will make their work easier and more efficient. 

Artificial intelligence is now helping to strengthen businesses all around the world.Artificial intelligence has brought the tech revolution to this world. It is powerful enough to mimic human languages and behaviors and perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Many businesses are afraid of wasting money on technology like AI because they think that it won’t help them. Risk and confrontation, on the other hand, are the only ways for a company to advance technologically. If you incorporate AI-powered data extraction software within your business functions, the entire process of data collection will become extremely easy and efficient. Through NLP, they are capable of adapting to different language sources. No matter how hard a website is to scrape, data extraction tool reads websites like humans do and easily collects massive data sets by bypassing scraper blocking bots and traps. In fact, any team member with minimal knowledge of technology can easily use an AI-powered data scraper and collect data as per the business requirements in a structured format. AI-supported tools help the users collect accurate, high-quality data for research and analysis. Decisions made as per high-quality data are mostly right and help businesses grow exponentially. 

Preferred Partner For High Growth


Next time your company needs data extraction software, make sure it meets all the 5 points shared above. Although there are many other things to look for while choosing data extraction software, surely these points address the key factors that will help you make the right decisions based on the purpose it serves, the time period it will be used. No matter how large or small your data requirements are, the data extraction software must provide solutions to your needs. By incorporating AI-powered data extraction software, a lot of work will be done rapidly with high accuracy. But the question is, how can you find the right data extraction software with all the features? Here we are going to ease your work. A trusted tech company that offers pre-built, AI-powered data extraction software with rich features, functions, reliability and scalability is Outsource BigData. The company offers software that meets all the above-mentioned points. Furthermore, it offers a free trial, which you can choose before paying for a plan. They also offer custom data extraction software which saves you from spending on in-house resources and technology. Visit the official website of Outsource BigData to know more about their solutions. Get Outsource Bigdata’s data extraction software & achieve process automation with its integration with business processes.


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