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True Benefits Of Automated Data
Collection Process

Author : Jyothish
AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

True Benefits Of Automated Data Collection Process


Author : Jyothish

AIMLEAP Automation Works Startups | Digital | Innovation | Transformation

In this rapidly evolving world that values quick service, how customized service can be provided to customers? As the market for 

Customer experience management is expected to reach $10 billion in 2022 and surpass $38 billion by 2030

businesses are investing heavily to figure out the best ways to deliver personalized solutions to customers.  

Since interactions are shifted from in-person to online, providing on-demand service has been particularly challenging for not-so-futuristic companies surviving in the market with outdated approaches. Such businesses find it difficult to adapt to changing tech landscapes when things moved online. Today, businesses must utilize data more efficiently if they want to keep customers happy and satisfied. 

Anyone can strategically optimize their services and communications by extracting data from relevant sources at each stage of the client experience and using it to identify trends and practical insights. Most of us prefer to go online these days to manage our accounts, trade stocks, connect with friends, make payments, make vacation arrangements, file taxes, or use any of the other services, leading to the generation of a lot of data which is definitely not possible to collect manually.

At our present rate, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated by us every day, and the advent of the Internet of Things will further speed up that rate.

How To Collect Large Scale Data?

Due to inflation and the skill gap globally, technology is being used by businesses to collect data on a large scale and survive the storm of tech evolution. Many are turning to AI-powered tools to move away from slow, error-prone, and expensive manual data entry to more sustainable digital processes.  

Data collection software can swiftly read and translate paper files and photos into conveniently accessible e-files using a combination of AI programming and machine learning. Companies that use data capture technologies to become more automated will reap a number of advantages. Selecting an ideal partner is a necessity for automating the data collection process.  

There are a lot of data collection vendors trusted by companies for highly personalized data collection services and software. Customer-oriented companies give their customers a five-star experience by offering a tailored data collection service and software.

Benefits Of Automated Data Collection Process

The good thing about collaborating with one of the most trusted data collection vendors is that you get assistance in automating the data collection process. They provide data collection services and software that are ideal for accelerating your data collection process. These are some key benefits of putting your data collection process on autopilot.

Benefits Of Data Collection

1. Speedy Process

Automation speeds up highly repetitive processes to a great extent. In fact, a report states that  

workflow automation, according to 42% of company leaders, expedites the completion of repetitive operations. 

Data collection is a mundane task that must be automated to improve its speed. Processing paper claims and other forms can take a lot of time without Automation. With the use of special tools and software, data collection can be put on autopilot mode. Once data collection is automated, users can easily convert paper documents into digital files within seconds. 

Thousands of websites can be crawled for data collection with the assistance of an automated tool. Along with data collection, it also cleanses, filters, and structures data with high speed. Users get ready-to-analyse data in the shortest time which is just impossible to attain following a manual process.  

If you want to speed up your data extraction process, select the right data collection service provider operating among thousands of data collection vendors all over the world.

2. Reduced Paperwork

Are you constantly buried in paperwork when involved in the data collection process? Collecting data manually involves a lot of paperwork which is hard to manage and is a tedious task. 

Now is the time to bring transformation! Consider digitizing your data collection process if your company struggles with a disorganized, chaotic paperwork method that creates more problems than it fixes. 

Automating your data collection operations will reduce the need of handling and managing lots of papers and documents. If you need additional help with automating your data collection system, choose one of the most renowned Data Collection Companies in your city. From providing you with a relevant data collection tool to delivering data on a large scale, data collection vendors will support you throughout, and that too within your budget.

3. Less Error Prone Means High Accuracy

Any errors in data can have a negative impact on several operations in your business because today, data is the most valuable source of information for all the departments within your company.  

Poor data which has errors, duplicates, and flaws increases operating expenses, produces misleading results, hinders business operations, and impacts decision-making.  

Poor data quality costs businesses, on average, $9.7 million to $14.2 million a year, according to Gartner research

Since it takes more time and resources to find and fix errors, automated data collection is employed by businesses. There is no cure for human error, but automation quickly eliminates the chances of errors in data collection to a great extent. Less money is wasted when there are fewer errors. 

Growth-oriented data collection vendors are employing AI-powered tools to automate data collection and make it accuracy-driven. Professionals working in data collection companies use advanced data collection tools to ensure data quality.

4. Increased Productivity And Focus On Core Tasks

Another benefit of automatic data gathering systems is that they reduce complex jobs to fewer steps, increasing productivity and focus on core tasks. Businesses can devote more time to other operations and increase productivity by eliminating the need for unnecessary steps involved in manual data collection. 

According to the McKinsey Institute, automating different processes may increase productivity growth by 1.4% yearly. 

Data collection is one such repetitive process that you can automate with the right AI-supported tool and increase the productivity of your entire business.  

Taking the assistance of data collection vendors for process automation is advised to businesses long been looking to improve productivity and focus on essential business functions. A trusted vendor will provide you with an advanced data collection service within your budget.

5. Cost Savings

Have you been procrastinating data collection for your business because you find it expensive? Stop it right away and employ the right automation technology from one of the most prominent data collection companies for data extraction.  

Extra personnel, continuous training, equipment upkeep, system updates, and document storage are all expenditures that can be easily eliminated with the automation of data collection.  

According to 57% of IT leaders, automation technology reduces expenses for departments by 10% to 50% compared to manual processes. 

Start process automation with data extraction and save big. After achieving automation, you can also shift resources to other departments, improve internal processes, upgrade computers and other machinery, and so on.

Preferred Partner For High Growth

Various Automated Data Collection Methods

Automation penetrates all spheres of business and data collection is no exception. Utilizing technology that lets tools, software and robots collect data and turn it into insightful information is known as automated data collection. Leveraging automation-driven technology data can be meticulously collected, recognized, and processed to generate business value.  

The type of business and strategic objectives determines the automated data collecting technologies used.  Here are the tops automated data collection methods employed by businesses –

Methods Of Data Collection

1. Intelligent Character Recognition

The goal of intelligent character recognition (ICR) is to address more complex problems. Teaching robots can now process unformatted, handwritten materials thanks to technology. The degree of accuracy may range from 50% to 70% depending on the typefaces and writing styles used, whether they are block letters or cursive. By further refining the algorithm using large datasets of specialized data, this rate may be increased.

2. Optical Mark Recognition

Optical mark recognition is a different method of organizing papers (OMR). The technology is frequently used to facilitate and speed up the collection of data using human markings. These include the outcomes of surveys, multiple-choice exams, customer feedback, and polls, for instance. The technology finds the position and recognizes handwritten marks such as filled-in bubbles or checkmarks much more quickly than human employees after scanning the papers. The technology-based strategy promotes corporate process automation by enabling regular operations to be completed by machines in a time- and resource-efficient way.

3. Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a well-established and tried-and-tested automated data collection technique employed by a lot of data collection vendors. The technology is still useful today even after it has revolutionized the conventional method of document management. It is extensively used in a variety of fields, including logistics, healthcare, finance, banking, and government. OCR systems with several uses can automate repetitive manual processes, lower data collection costs, and replace human workers in repetitive jobs.

4. Intelligent Document Recognition

Volumes of unstructured documents are produced by complex businesses. Data may be extracted from any area of a document. While incorporating optical character recognition, the technology also expands on its capabilities. It is capable of deciphering patterns, tables, and text in both paper and electronic formats, identifying the start and finish of documents and categorizing them in accordance with those distinctions.


Among the advantages of automated data extraction are high efficiency, cost-saving, and fewer errors. It also accelerates data collection and processing with little to no human involvement, making the collection of insights for predicting risks, uncovering perspectives, analyzing customer sentiments, improving the consumer experience, facilitating search, and more super easy. 

Businesses from any industry need to adopt automated ways of gathering and processing big data. With the cooperation of reliable data collection vendors, you can get automated data collection services and tools that can be integrated with business systems for data collection.  

Modern data collection companies like Outsource BigData give you access to the right technology that makes accurate, structured data extraction simply possible. You can also reduce the cost of projects and make other core processes stronger and more proficient. The more efficiency you achieve in your business system, the more growth you see and achieve your futuristic goals.

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