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Data extraction tools

10x Faster 
With AI

Data extraction tools
10x Faster With AI
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Data Extraction Tools

Outsource BigData’s Data Extraction Tools to Meet Your Data Needs

Data extraction tools are software applications or platforms that collect and retrieve information from a variety of sources, such as websites, databases, and documents. Businesses and organisations utilise these technologies to collect useful data for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Here are some examples of common data extraction tools: 

Outsource BigData‘s data extraction tools are essential for turning unstructured or semi-structured data into structured data that can be used for various analytical and operational purposes. Outsource BigData’s data extraction services are known for their accuracy, efficiency, and scalability.  

Data extraction services from Outsource BigData are backed by expertise in data management, data quality verification, and data enrichment. They are critical in assisting organisations in transforming data into actionable insights, driving efficiency, and making educated decisions. Whether you’re in need of web data, text, emails, images, or data from other sources, Outsource BigData’s extraction tools can provide the data you need, processed and delivered in the format that best suits your objectives. 

Easy to Use Interface with Point Click

Being one of the leading data extraction companies, our objective is to make web data extraction as easy as possible. Using our data extraction tools  interface, you could point and click on elements to configure the scraper. There is no coding needed. You may also specify formatting as per your requirements and select the output field to which the data should be saved. 

The interface is divided into two parts: an application for creating the data extraction project and a Web Console for running agents, organising results, and exporting data. Data can be exported in CSV, XML, JSON, XLSX or any other preferred formats. It also offers API access to retrieve data and has built-in storage integrations such as FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and others. 

We Deliver Smart and User-Friendly Features

1. Monitor & Analyze Your Competitors

Collect pricing intelligence data and track competitor products, monitor pricing, inventory levels, availability, and more from any eCommerce website. With our custom price monitoring solutions, you can collect and consolidate product data from websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and others. 

2. Automated Data Extraction Process

Automate every activity related to data extraction and related processes of your company. Get rid of the manual labour, expenditure, and errors caused by human data validation and entry. Because automation makes website data integration and data combination possible without an interface. Moreover, create complex automation workflows effortlessly or automate those boring, repetitive tasks and save some time for other work. 

3. Real Time Custom APIs

We create APIs for injecting data extracted from various sources to your database system. A simple API call can convert most website content into an API, allowing your cloud applications to access the data stream. An API can help you power your business. 

4. Ease of Extracting Voluminous Data

Even if it is a long list of jobs or ecommerce data, you can extract voluminous data from our tool in minutes. You can download large volumes of data, without worrying about the data quality and accuracy. This works for data extraction from any website or platform. 

5. Centralized Data Storage on Cloud Platform

Do not worry about hardware maintenance or network outages cost. Because the 24/7 operation of the extraction process on Outsource Bigdata’s Cloud Platform makes data extraction 10 times faster. Data is collected, stored in the cloud, and made available on any device. 

6. Extract Data When Required

Do you require the most recent information from a frequently updated website? A job can be scheduled to perform at any precise time during the day, week, or month with the help of Cloud Extraction. Additionally, you may set the task to run once every minute to enhance real-time scraping even more.  

Working of Data Extraction Tools

Data extraction tools are software program that extract information from a variety of sources, including websites, databases, spreadsheets, and text files. Depending on the source and the desired output, the tools use a variety of techniques to extract the data. 

Working Of Data Extraction Tools

1. Tell Us Your Requirements

To start with your data extraction project, let us know about the information on the sites to be crawled, fields to be extracted, and the frequency of these crawls. 

2. Check the Shared Sample Data

We’ll set up the web crawler to provide sample data depending on your needs. Next, you need to validate the data and data fields in the sample file

3. Give Your Approval on Sample Data

After getting the approval from you, we’ll complete the crawler setup and upload the data to continue with the web scraping service project. 

4. Download Data in Required Format

Finally, you can download the data in XML, JSON, or CSV format, either directly from the data extraction tool dashboard or via our API. Also, you can transfer data to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP accounts. 

AI-Powered Tools – The Best Tools for Your Business Data Management

As businesses are struggling to become highly insight-driven, it’s now clear that businesses need to take data-centric decisions. But this is only possible with new technologies and methods. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the spotlight. Artificial intelligence is generally regarded as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, human intelligence and ingenuity.      

AI can revolutionize almost every aspect of life, including the way people study, work, travel, govern and engage in recreational activities. To reap the complete benefits from AI, it is important for enterprises to embed AI at the data level. Moreover, one should ensure that AI supports the entire data management process, from ingestion to curation and discovery along with driving applications that the data is built on. Hence, data extraction services are embedding AI technology in their tools to deliver data faster and with complete accuracy. 

Preferred Partner for High Growth Company - Scrape Data Easily Without Coding

Scraping data from websites no longer requires coding expertise. With AI-driven web scraping tools, you can effortlessly extract valuable information from the web. Our AI data scraper offers can easy-to-use interface for all users.

High Company Growth

AI-driven Web Scraping

Pre-built Automation

Built-in Data Processing

Quick Deployment

Benefits of AI-Powered Tools in Data Extraction

Benefits Of  Data Extraction

1. Save Time and Money

Businesses are adopting AI-powered data extraction companies to save time and money. These self-learning tools gather critical data and documents on a user-friendly platform, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and security risk, while also boosting business growth. 

4. Recognize Natural Language

The data extraction tool, which recognizes natural language, enhances efficiency in businesses by allowing commands to be entered in standard English, thereby providing clearer task completion processes. 

2.Flexibility to Customize

Our data extraction tool is highly customizable which means you can personalize it based on your requirements. It follows the protocols assigned by the user while analyzing the data, for example, explaining the facts that are important to include in the analysis and much more.

5. Prioritization of Tasks

AI tools have revolutionized the way tasks are prioritized, data is extracted, and data is searched for, thus allowing for more focused tasks like improving the quality of a product or service, or developing a new marketing strategy, all of which help to save time.

3. Accuracy in Data Analysis

AI-powered data extraction tools and services eliminate errors in data analysis by storing necessary information, prioritizing tasks, and recalling information when needed. These tools deliver accurate results based on facts, ensuring efficient and timely data analysis. 

6. Ease in Usage and Installation

When installed, the tool performs all essential tasks with any manual intervention. Humans can check the data if required but better not interfere with it. Mobile phone-like interface makes it easy for employees to use.

Automation and Prebuilt Framework

Automation offered by our data extraction tools assists you in extracting historical data from a variety of non-standard documents and in streamlining data comparisons. Additionally, may it be any bills, list, or documents, all are processed in real time with over 99% accuracy. 

You can download the necessary data in Excel, XML, CSV, or JSON format, or you can use Salesforce, Google Sheets or any other integrations. Automated pre-built data extraction finds and extracts fine-grained data figures contained within digital statement.  

Our automated data extraction tools allow real-time data extraction as well as planned, recurring extractions. This adaptability accommodates a variety of use cases, whether organisations require rapid access to data or regular updates. 

Outsource BigData’s data extraction tools take advantage of automation and pre-built frameworks to provide high-quality data extraction solutions. These solutions are designed to address the unique data extraction demands of enterprises in a variety of industries, ensuring that data can be accessed, processed, and used efficiently and effectively. 

Outsourcebigdata Business Solutions

Challenges of Data Extraction Tools

Data extraction techniques are useful for acquiring data from many sources, but they also provide their own set of issues. Here are some of the most typical issues encountered when using data extraction tools: 

1. Data Accuracy: Maintaining data accuracy and quality is an ongoing problem. Data extraction tools may misread or mistranslate information on occasion, resulting in mistakes in the extracted data. 

2. Data Volume: When working with enormous amounts of data, extraction tools must process and send the data in an efficient manner. This can put a load on system resources and cause performance concerns. 

3. Data Organisation: Tables, JSON, XML, and unstructured text are all examples of structured data. Data extraction systems must handle a variety of structures, which can be complex and may necessitate customisation. 

4. Sources of Information: Different sources have distinct formats and methods of access. Extracting data from APIs, websites, databases, and local files frequently necessitates customising the tool for each source. 

5. Authentication and Access Control: Some data sources, particularly APIs and databases, may necessitate authentication and authorisation. These security characteristics must be adequately managed by data extraction tools. 

6. Website Updates: Websites frequently update their structures and layouts, which might cause web scraping technologies to stop working. Keeping up with ever-changing websites is a constant challenge. 

Trends of Data Extraction

To keep up with changes in technology, business needs, and data sources, the field of data extraction is always expanding. Here are some data extraction trends: 

1. Extraction of Blockchain Data: As blockchain technology gains popularity, so does the need to extract data from the blockchain for analysis and auditing. Blockchain data extraction techniques are being developed. 

2. Extraction of IoT Data: Massive volumes of data are generated by linked devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). Tools for extracting and processing this data are being developed for a variety of applications ranging from smart cities to healthcare. 

3. Serverless Computing: For data extraction, serverless architectures such as AWS Lambda are being leveraged. These systems can dynamically scale in response to the volume of data to be extracted. 

4. Environments Hybrid and Multi-Cloud: Data extraction technologies are being modified to work in hybrid and multi-cloud systems, allowing organisations to access and analyse data from a variety of sources. 

5. Edge Computing: Data extraction is becoming more localised. Edge computing enables data extraction to take place on devices or servers closer to the source, reducing latency and enabling real-time processing. 


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