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Properties made available in near real time after they appear on the source websites and detects inactive listing faster

Client Background

A major real estate service provider company wanted to streamline its inefficient real estate agent-servicing process. The existing process required multiple data analysts, with help from the in-house IT support team, to manually collect data from 20+ different data sources. Data received from 20+ sources was in different quality, format and had multiple other challenges. Internal IT support system was not robust and it further slowed the entire process. Also, as it was a manual process – analysts were able to process only a limited number of records, based on priority, creating backlog and struggled to serve their existing and new set of customers. The company approached AIMLEAP – Outsource Big Data help in streamlining its processes and providing end to end solution.

Approach To Solution

We quickly developed a proof-of-concept for suggested a solution based on Robotic Process Automation to replace the company’s manual processes for collecting data from 20+ sources integrated to a base IT support system.


Saved $40000 per year.


Increased data handling capacity by 60%


Average data processing time reduced by 85%

Real Time

Increased ability to access data in real time
Realty Aggregator

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