An AI solution focussed start-up company based out of UK wanted to develop an employee management application which includes:

  • Customer wanted 250 million specious images to be mined. Customer had a list of 2.5 Million species scientific and generic names.
  • Customer was particular to collect 2.5 million species all in 10 HD (High Definition) images and sources suggested were
  • Customer was looking for an optimized solution for image data collection and streamline the end-to-end process for the AI solution.
  • Also, start-up was looking for a cost-effective solution which can further periodically add to the AI system.
Process automation saved substantial cost and increased efficiency of periodical image data processing


AIMLEAP Team automated the image sourcing process by building

  • A custom set of web crawlers built including paid Google API to mine image data. The crawler that was able to mine required image data with minimal manual intervention
  • Team performed semi-automated image data validation and ensured that images are of expected quality
  • Also, an automated process established to feed the final set of qualified images to push to customer database on a regular interval

90% cost saving

Above 95% quality assured

250 million images
Quick Turn Around – delivered 250 million images in 60 business

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