• Customer was looking for integrated data solution by building a database of 1.2 million – laboratory equipments data from online and offline sources
  • The multiple sources data did not have a uniform structure
  • The lab products having a different format with 1.2 million rows and 900+ columns
  • Customer wanted all products and related images to be downloaded and zipped into a single file, along with the link of image in output .csv file
  • Customer was looking for an optimized solution for data collection
1.2 Million lab equipment’s data integration saved $25000 per year & Increased operational efficiency.


  • AIMLEAP – Outsource Big Data Team developed web data scraping automation system and connected to internal data sources
  • The semi-automated processes helped the company to increase its operational scalability, time to market and increased customer experience.

Automation saved overall about $25000 per year

About 50% efficiency gains

Scalable and robust solution

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