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AI-driven automation helps fintech start-up to save go-to-market time & saves substantial cost

Client Background

  • A US based fintech start-up wanted to build a big data analytics solution; and was looking for a suitable partner.
  • Start-up was looking for an optimized solution to source 10-year financial data for 500 companies
  • The data expected in a custom grid format to feed the analytics engine.

Approach To Solution

  • AIMLEAP Automation Team leveraged AI driven data solution to build a semi-automated process to convert source data
  • AI solution was trained to identify data points which needed manual intervention
  • The AI solution was able to source and convert financial data with minimal manual intervention
  • Automated data validation process assured that all data points are of expected quality
  • Also, an automated process established to feed the final set of data to push to customer database on a regular interval


cost saving


data quality

Faster Go-To-Market

Quick turnaround helped faster Go-To-Market

Ai Augmented Data Processing

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