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Outsource Industry Research Services

Any one industry is constantly evolving as new technologies, innovative competitors and quick responses by the news media and your customers force it to change. That’s why you need a partner that can provide the kind of industry research needed to always be one step ahead of those changes. Industry market research from Outsource Big Data Research Team offers just such benefits, ensuring your company can actively implement creative, cost effective and efficient new plans based on our research. For years we have worked closely with each of our clients to develop new growth strategies based on cutting edge primary and secondary industry research. We can help your company growth, adapt and modernize based not only on recent changes in your field, but on the trend of potential changes that are likely to occur in the near future. We use a range of resources, curated by industry professionals and highly educated experts in business, mathematics, sales and marketing to ensure this data is pertinent to your needs and useful in helping you make smart decisions.If the time has come to choose a professional firm to handle all of your industry research needs, the company to call is Outsource Big Data Research Team. For more than 10 years we have been building a team of top-tier professionals, adherent to Six Sigma quality standards and located conveniently in our international delivery centers to meet your needs. Whether you need a single report prepared or ongoing monthly industry research services, contact Outsource Big Data Research Team and learn how you can save up to 60% over domestic services. Contact Outsource Big Data Research Team today to learn more about how we can do all of these things for you.

Outsource Industry Research Services – Expert research reports from outsource big data

Industry research is a comprehensive process. It involves carefully gathering, analyzing and presenting data about your company in a way that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Our Digital Workforce Are Trained on

  • AI Augmented Web Research/Data Mining
  • AI Driven NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Computer Vision & Image Analysis
  • Automated Text Data Processing
  • Automated Web Data Processing
  • Automation Driven Data Processing
  • Automation Driven Data Conversion
  • Automation Driven Web Data Scraping

Industry Research Services Offering

  • Competitor Market Research
  • Market Sizing
  • SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  • Brand and Pricing Research
  • Country Analysis and Risk Profiling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Feasibility
  • Buyer Behavior Studies
  • B2B and B2C Research
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Business and investment environment
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Country analysis and profiling
  • Research Data Processing
  • Buyer behavior analysis
  • Industry Trend analysis

Benefits of Hiring Industry Research Company – Outsource Big Data Research Team



Let’s start with a risk-free trial and ensure that we understand your requirement and you receive desired outcome. During this period, customer to provide an objective based project evaluation with defined deliverable & timeline. Typically, 90% of trial converts into project.

AI-Augmented Automation


We leverage AI-Augmented & Automation driven process that will provide a great value for your money. Our pricing is straight-forward – zero hidden cost. Choose suitable engagement model – project based, resource-based– full-time, hourly based, outcome based. All cost can be directly converted to outcome.

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified

For Quality & Security

We are ISO 9001-2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accredited company which shows our commitment to providing high-quality services to our clients and our approach to continual improvement. We provide utmost importance to the process quality and data security of our deliverables; and our professionals are trained to follow the process and quality standards



Outsource Big Data Automation Team is available for your specific time zone that syncs with your in-house Team. This is to assure that you could work with programmers as a part of your extended office.



Based on your needs and requirements, we could leverage our training academy for building Custom training & upskill candidates. In discussion with your team, we could prepare custom training curriculum and mock sample projects. Typically, it takes 2 weeks to 6 weeks’ time.



We deploy Project Manager for your project requirement – absolutely free. The objective is to ensure that your project delivery is smooth as per your delivery plan and prepare programmers for the same – especially in the initial days. This offer changes from project to project

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