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Challenges in Outsourcing Big data

Outsourcing refers to the contracting with another company for business purpose. It includes both international and domestic contracts. Sometimes outsourcing also refers to exchange or transfer of employee and assets between different firms.  It helps the firms in reduction of cost and improvement in quality.


How to engage right big data partner?

Today, data is a powerhouse for generating business and exploring growth. And, the beauty is – it doesn’t do anything unless someone know how to explore it. It is never been so easier to solve business problem and uncover new opportunity in ‘big data’ field. As we know, Big Data refers to the data comes from millions of sources i.e. from social media, emails, surfing, cell phone signals, sales transactions, etc. All these data that can be stored can call – big data. To use these data i.e. big data, for the business purpose, we need in-house big data team or we need a big data partner who can help to collect, store, process, analyse, and provide greater insight for decision support. (more…)