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10 Ways Screen Scraping & Automation Can Help You?

Humans tend to generate a lot of data every day. Data is no longer the exclusive domain of technology firms. Data is already being used by businesses as diverse as life insurers, hotels, education, real estate and product management to improve marketing tactics, improve customer experience, evaluate company and market trends, and simply collect insights on user data. The growing volume of data in today’s quickly evolving technology environment makes data analysis considerably more intriguing. Insights collected from user data have become a powerful tool for decision-makers.

Organizations that are heavily data-driven are three times more likely to claim major improvements in decision-making, stated in a 2016 PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey, Global “Big Decision.”

By constantly tracking customers, their sentiments and requirements, businesses are able to gain insight into current market demands. So, why are we talking about data and how to use it in your business? Well, when we have access to adequate data, making precise predictions becomes easy which leads to ultimate business growth.

As a result, 63% of marketers have boosted their data-driven marketing spend in order to reach out to more relevant customers with more focused promotions.

But how do we get access to rich datasets? Using an advanced data scraping tool, one can scrape high-quality data from the right sources in the ready-to-analyze format. Web scraping and screen scraping are two branches of data scraping. Today, we are going to discuss screen scraping. It is the process of extracting data from a screen, while web scraping is the process of gathering data from the website.

 Screen Scraping

What is screen scraping?

Screen scraping is the process of gathering screen display data from one programme and converting it so that it can be displayed by another application. It is one of the most widely used data scraping techniques. It is an important part of data migration and integration scenarios. This is typically done to take data from a legacy apps or programme and present it in the latest user interface. Unlike web scraping, screen scraping does not target specific information on websites or assist in the parsing of the data. It’s more of a visual detector that extracts information directly from a computer terminal screen. Screen scraping is a common term for a legal method of transferring screen data from one programme to another. It’s commonly mistaken with content scraping, which involves harvesting content from a website without the owner’s permission using human or automated methods. The key distinctions are in the sources of data and the purposes for which they are employed. UiPath is said to be the only company to offer a screen scraping tool that is 100% accurate and incredibly quick. Using desktop scraping UiPath tool to scrape accurate data is a smart decision that businesses must take. If you use modern technologies to automate the process of screen scraping, you are going to attain multiple advantages along with enhancing your decision-making.

Advantages Of Automated Screen Scraping

Organizational growth is helped by efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, which is why many businesses use automation solutions. Organizations are decreasing repetitive operations, minimizing mistakes, and lowering processing costs – thanks to automation technologies. Automation is the best thing that has ever happened to the IT world.

50% of business owners said they intend to speed up the automation of repetitive jobs within their company.

With the growing technology, automation is making its space in the market. If you use automation for screen scraping, there are certain benefits that you are going to attain.

 Screen Scraping

1. Cost-Effective

Businesses manage to make big savings, by integrating automation in their processes.

Automation technology, according to 57% of IT directors, saves departments between 10 and 50% on expenditures formerly connected with human processes.

Repetitive processes like screen scraping require a workforce and large budgets. Along with that, advanced devices are required to extract large amounts of data. Nonetheless, advanced automation has resolved this problem. With automated screen scraping, businesses can make huge savings on capital since no additional workforce or devices would be required to collect data. Choose desktop scraping UiPath RPA solutions to collect high-quality data cost-effectively.

2. Achieve Process Automation

98% of IT executives believe that automating business operations is critical to achieving business goals.

A lot of time is spared with the implementation of automation as half or more work is handled by the device, software, tool or application. The best benefit of using screen scraping tools is achieving process automation. Automated screen scrapers such as offered by Apiscrapy, a leading data scraping company simplify the data retrieval process. Within just a few clicks, data can be extracted from millions of web sources within the shortest time possible. It also implies that you can collect data in far larger quantities than a single individual ever could. You may also use web scraping tools or a programming language like Javascript, Python, or PHP to develop complex web bots that automate online operations. Taking the help of professionals for creating web extraction bots is suggested, however, there is a big market of pre-built data scrapers that can automate the overall data scraping process.

3. Low Maintenance

If you choose pre-built screen scraping software for data extraction, it needs little to no maintenance over time. Companies that built data scraping software manage everything from maintenance to updates and upgrades. So, in the long-run businesses are going to save a lot of time and money. On the other hand, if you choose to build your own data scraper to achieve automation in the data scraping process, from maintenance to upgrades and everything in between, you’d have to manage it all on your own which is time taking and very expensive, as tech experts and advanced tools are needed. Choosing desktop scraping UiPath RPA solutions is the smart option chosen by businesses for the automation of the data collection process.

4. Data Accuracy

When screen scraping is done manually, there are high chances of errors and flaws in the datasets. No matter how carefully professionals work in the process of data extraction, mistakes are bound to happen. There are many things like duplicate and flawed data that our eyes miss while participating in the process of data collection. But, when automated tools are used, there are very low chances of experiencing errors in the datasets. Today, AI-powered data scrapers are available in the market. They can automatically help the user to collect high-quality data from web sources without needing them to sit all day in front of the computer screen.

For non-financial benefits like accuracy, speed, and flexibility, 85% of respondents said RPA met or surpassed their expectations. (Global Deloitte RPA Survey)

If your data pipeline is full of errors, then you must implement process automation in your business and see how easily your data pipeline enriches with high-quality, accurate data.

5. Easy to Implement

Screen scraping is the process of collecting screen display data from various websites and sources, not just a single page. Automated data scrapers here are very helpful as they are easy to implement for the process of bulk data collection. Even a beginner can start desktop scraping with the UiPath automation solution. Also, scheduling the data scraping process also becomes hassle-free for the users. Whether the site is bot-protected or its code is complicated, effortless data scraping can be implemented using screen scrapers. They can evade all the data protection measures taken by websites. Extract a large volume of data with a small investment in process automation.

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6. Perks of Integration

Automated screen scraping APIs can be integrated with any tool, software or app and due to this appealing feature businesses are adopting this technology for data scraping. With the set of credentials and basic understanding of technology, data collection tools can be integrated with business devices and apps and you can reduce your workforce required for data extraction.

Because of technological integration, 43% of businesses plan to reduce their workforce.

It is the right time for you to integrate scraping APIs to automate the process and eliminate the need to keep an unnecessary data scraping team.

7. High Efficiency

In businesses, time is the most valuable resource, which nobody can afford to waste. So, bring efficiency in repetitive tasks like screen scraping by implementing process automation. There are AI-powered screen scrapers that can cut your time to half by bringing high efficiency in the process of data scraping. According to reports.

AI is used by 62% of companies to assist IT operations, while 54% utilize it to increase business process efficiency.

Screen scraping done with the assistance of AI-powered automated tools doesn’t require much effort and time. Millions of screen display datasets can be collected within minutes via desktop scraping UiPath automation. High efficiency is directly related to time-saving. Your resources can put their time and efforts into the growth of businesses when repetitive tasks like screen scraping are put on automation.

8. Focus on Core Tasks

85% of business owners feel that automating some tasks will free up time for them and their workers to focus on the company’s most important goals.

So, why not start with screen scraping. Automating the process of screen scraping can free up your in-house resources to focus on the most important business goals and tasks. There are hundreds of other activities and tasks that need the attention of your employees. When your valuable employees spend time on the development of business instead of doing mundane tasks, the growth you achieve is inevitable. From data refining to management and security, everything is automated via a screen scraper. Your valuable resources will be able to spend more time on important work rather than copying, pasting and managing data for analysis.

9. Unique And Rich Datasets

The internet is full of similar texts, images, videos and numerical data, so data duplicity is very common. Depending on what your data objectives are, an automated screen scraping tool can help you collect unique, accurate and high-quality data. There are unique features embedded in advanced data scraping tools that can assist the user in collecting accurate, duplicity-free data to build rich datasets for quick analysis. Data is the new gold for the businesses that want to grow in this digital era. By implementing automated data scraping in your business, you can accelerate the collection of high-quality data in your data pipeline and make precise decisions and forecasts.

10. Ready-To-Use Data Delivery

On the internet, you will find unstructured data in bulk. Collecting it is a complete mess. So, using automated screen scraping is ultimately the best choice to collect ready-to-use data. Advanced data scrapers can export accurate data to formats of your choice like Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, and HTML directly to your database. You can instantly collect data in a structured format of your choice and start the analysis. Without coding, a beginner can collect data efficiently in a structured format with the help of an automated screen scraper.


In this era of data-driven businesses, screen scraping has become a necessity. Companies have resorted to data to help them make better decisions faster. Along with better decision making, quality data can help in price optimization, market analysis, competitor monitoring, brand growth and lead generation.

The average annual growth rate for insight-driven firms is 30%.

Start screen scraping and make smart business decisions based on accurate data. For desktop scraping UiPath automation solutions, choose a trusted company like Outsource BigData. It offers data scraping automation solutions to businesses within their budget. Outsource BigData houses industry experts to implement automation in the data scraping process of businesses. Visit the official website of Outsource BigData to know how they are transforming businesses with data scraping solutions.

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