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6 Top Scraping Tools That You Cannot Miss in 2022

By 2025, the amount of data created, consumed, copied, and stored is expected to exceed 180 zettabytes. The entire quantity of data produced and consumed in 2020 was 64.2 zettabytes.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant surge in global data generation, as the majority of the world’s population was forced to work from home and relied on the internet for both work and enjoyment. As a large population is still working from home, digital data is increasing every day. This is where things start to get fascinating for businesses since they can now forecast market behaviour at a personal level with laser-focused accuracy. We know that as the months pass, data will only become larger and technology will become more sophisticated. To make the right informed decisions, it has become a necessity to extract data. There are many ways you can extract data from the internet and one of them is using web scraping tools. They are essential to extract data from multiple websites & mobile apps with high accuracy. The need for importance of a web scraping tools is due to the demand for data. Data is of paramount importance for any company’s business strategies or decisions and a web scraping tool is capable of delivering relevant data.

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Thus it becomes crucial to choose the right scraping tool for your business’ success. There are many data scraping tools available in the market to serve your data scraping needs. You can build your data scraping tool also to extract bulk data as per your business needs. But building your own tool is a time taking and expensive process. So, it’s better to use a data scraping tool. Considering the type of usage, scalability and reliability of the software or scraping tool in terms of meeting data requirements, we have curated:

Top 6 Scraping Tools That You Should Not Miss To Consider

Data is the key to transforming any business. The phrase “big data” refers to massive data collections gathered from diverse sources. These data sets are impossible to collect and analyze manually, which is why a plethora of databases and tools have sprung up to help. By using them, you can extract big data and accelerate data-driven decision-making in your business. If you want to extract bulk data using a data scraping tool, then check out the list of the top 6 tools for data extraction.

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1. ApiScrapy

ApiScrapy is a trusted scraping tool development company that provides a wide range of pre-built data scrapers for free. The company has created easy-to-use alternatives for businesses, researchers and individuals who desire to collect bulk data in a structured format. Be it eCommerce or social media, the company offers tools for collecting data from different sources effortlessly. Because websites are continuously changing, developing in-house web scrapers is difficult. Assume you’re scraping 10 different news websites. To handle ten different circumstances, you’ll need 10 distinct rules (XPath, CSS selectors, etc.). ApiScrapy can take care of this, by providing you with an advanced data scraper that can easily handle the diverse data needs of customers. If you need different types of data from different websites, use free pre-built data scraping tools from ApiScrapy. Data scrapers crafted by the professionals of ApiScrapy are AI-powered, feature-rich tools that evade bot-protected sites and collect structured, ready-to-use data for quick analysis. No matter how tough a website is to crawl, their data scrapers can easily collect data from them. Users can collect data in different formats as per their convenience from the data scrapers developed by ApiScrapy. Hundreds of web pages can be crawled for data collection within a minute using highly advanced software from ApiScrapy. The company also offers custom data scrapers to customers with complex data needs. Top companies trust ApiScrapy data scrapers for their data scraping needs.

2. Diffbot

Diffbot is an enterprise-level data scraping tool for users with very specific data crawling and screen scraping requirements, especially those scraping websites with often changing HTML structures. Unlike other scraping tools, Diffbot adapts with changes in the HTML structure of a website. It scrapes webpages visually rather than text parsing. This implies that even if the HTML structure of a page changes, your web scrapers will continue to work as long as the page’s visual appearance remains the same. With this tool, you can scale up your extraction to tens of thousands of domains. This makes it adaptive to website changes as long as there are no significant visual changes. It has a number of APIs that provide structured data from products, articles, and social sites. With AI extractors, you’ll be able to extract accurate structured data from any URL. Diffbot makes it simple to acquire valuable data from the web without any hassle. Their service is rather pricey, with the cheapest package starting at $299 per month. It is expensive but highly reliable, making it suitable for enterprise-level scraping. Companies like Microsoft, Yandex, Adobe, etc. use it for web scraping. What makes Diffbot unique is the support for easy integration with API. Diffbot can take care of your bulk data needs.

3. is visual web scraping software. It identifies relevant information on a website using computer vision rather than HTML parsing. has built-in data flows, which is one of the most intriguing characteristics of this tool. It comes with a web-based editor for configuring crawlers and extracting data in real time. is for non-developer teams who wish to scrape web pages and process the data rapidly. This means, you can use this tool to not only scrape data from external websites but also to change the data (like Clearbit, Google Sheets, etc). It holds rich features and advanced functionalities that make it easy for the users to collect relevant data in bulk as per their business requirements. Since it doesn’t require any particular technical knowledge, it is widely used by professionals from different domains apart from the core development. The intuitive user interface of this data scraper allows beginners to transform unlimited web data into immediate business value without any inconvenience. Marketers, Data analysts, HR personnel happen to use this tool to scrape web data in bulk. Bring efficiency, accuracy, and quality to the data you scrape with the data scraping tool. Some people find it a bit pricey and inflexible, but it’s worth using for your data scraping requirements.

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4. Dataminer

Dataminer is a feature-rich and highly user-friendly browser extension that helps you extract high-quality data with efficiency from multiple websites. This scraping tool comes with unique features that make data extraction a completely effortless process. Crawl thousands of websites and scrape their data into CSV and Excel spreadsheets. It has an intuitive UI that helps you execute advanced data extraction within a few clicks. This makes data scraping a seamless experience for users. For instance, if you are randomly surfing the internet and come across a piece of information that is valuable to you, it is possible to directly scrape the page instantly with the help of Dataminer. With just a few clicks, you can create over 60,000 data extraction rules or design your own customized extraction rules to acquire the data you need from a webpage. one must use the tool to get data delivered in the desired format. Dataminer comes with a robust collection of tools that allow you to extract any text from any web page. It can click on buttons and links automatically, navigate to subpages, open pop-up windows, and scrape data from them. In fact, this tool is not a bot, so you are not going to get blocked by bot-protected sites. Collecting data via Dataminer is as easy as clicking on a web link.

5. Mozenda

Mozenda is a web scraping tool for businesses that need to scrape data from a variety of sources. They claim to collaborate with 30% of Fortune 500 companies on projects such as large-scale pricing monitoring, market research, and competition monitoring. It assists businesses of all sizes in obtaining the information they want to move forward to data-driven decision-making. It will help you find the exact data you need, whether you need competitive pricing information or strategic insight for your next move. Mozenda is suitable for large-scale enterprise-level scraping projects. You can extract text, photos, and PDF material from web pages using Mozenda without any hassle. It is one of the most effective online scraping tools for organizing and preparing data files for publication. The company also offers technical support for web scraping needs. Mozenda is relatively expensive, but the rich features make it up for the price. With the point-and-click user interface, even a beginner can harvest data in real-time. You can use your choice Bl tool or database to gather and publish your online data with the help of Mozenda data scraping tool.

6. is an online scraping tool that helps you form your own datasets by simply importing the data from a particular web page and exporting the data to CSV. is a no-code/low-code web scraping platform for large enterprises looking to extract data from websites quickly. It’s one of the greatest data scraping tools for integrating data into apps using APIs and webhooks. Without writing a single line of code, you can effortlessly scrape millions of web pages in minutes and create 1000+ APIs based on your needs. It also offers free programmes for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that can be used to construct data extractors and crawlers, download data, and sync with the online account, in addition to the web tool. The tool has one of the best UIs that make data scraping extremely easy for the beginners. You can schedule data extraction at your convenience. The best you can do with this programme is to use its cloud to store and access data and automate online interaction and workflows. Reports, charts, and visualizations can help you acquire insight.


Whether you belong to the healthcare or real estate industry, data has become a basic necessity. Predictive data analytics is being used by businesses to forecast future market needs and trends.

Improved efficiency is cited as the top advantage of data analytics by 63% of businesses, while more effective decision-making is cited by 57%. According to a survey released by Facts & Factors, the worldwide predictive analytics market is predicted to reach $22.1 billion by the end of 2026, rising at a CAGR of roughly 24.5 percent.

Become a data-driven business and make predictions about the market easily. The most important lesson from the patterns and numbers we found is that data analytics is no longer just a choice for corporate success. Companies will prioritize data analytics as a critical business function in 2022 and beyond, properly recognizing it as a must-have for business insight, product development, and consumer satisfaction. If a business wants to grow in this highly competitive world, you can choose any data scraper from the above-mentioned list or directly get professional tools from Outsource BigData. Using a feature-rich data scraping tool from Outsource BigData is a smart option. Since the company offers a wide range of data scrapers, you don’t need to build a scraper for your particular business requirements and spend money and time unnecessarily. Outsource BigData has everything you need to scrape the data from a website, no matter if it’s bot-protected or hard to scrape. Visit the official website of Outsource BigData and get the details about the data scraping products and services it offers.

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