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Sandboxes and their advantages

If we talk about the development of Hadoop technology then there are two companies which are doing a lot in this field. One is Hortonworks and another is Cloudera. These companies are developing a lot of new ideas and software in the field of Hadoop to make it easier to use and developing a lots of applications on them. These companies provide tools to use and learn Hadoop.

Hortonworks provides “Hortonworks Sandbox” and Cloudera Provides “ Cloudera Quick start VM ” . These tools are a package in which Hadoop is configured along with the tools is needed in developing Hadoop environment. We will discuss about the benefits of using these tools.

Hortonworks Sandbox

This sandbox having the Hortonworks Data platform in an easy form but it comes with a terminal which is easy to handle. This sandbox provides

  • A virtual machine with Hadoop configuration.
  • Some basics about Hadoop to get you started.
  • Different tools that will help you in the Hadoop ecosystem like Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache HBASE and many more.

The Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox is delivered as a virtual appliance that is a bundled set of operating system, configuration settings and the applications that work together as a unit. The virtual appliances runs in a virtual machine with the application to the host operating system. To run Hortonworks sandbox you must install one of the supported VM environment on the host machine either Oracle Virtual Box or VMware Fusion (Mac) or Player (Windows/Linux).It doesn’t have any user interface like “Cloudera sandbox”. It having an interface like prompt command in which you need to write command line to execute any operation.

Cloudera Quickstart VM

Cloudera also provides the tools for learn and use Hadoop. From Hortonworks it is “Hortonworks Sandbox” and from Cloudera it is “ Cloudera Quickstart VM” . It is also a virtual machine along with the package of different tools and software which is used in Hadoop related work. It is available in free but along with Cloudera manager it’s available for 60 days trail and paid version. It includes different software like Hadoop, HBASE, Spark, Oozie etc. Cloudera Quickstart virtual machine provides some basics to get you started. It is frequently used in multi node clusters.

Comparison between Hortonworks Sandbox and Cloudera Quickstart VM are:

  • Hortonworks is open source i.e. completely free whereas Cloudera Quick VM is also completely free but with Cloudera manager it having a free 6o days trail and paid version
  • Both support Map Reduce as well as Yarn.
  • Both distributions have master-slave architecture.
  • Horton works having “ Ambari ” interface while Cloudera having “ Hue” as GUI.
  • Both are Linux supported.

Benefits of using these sandboxes in OSP to offer unique setup to clients are:

  • Both are open source so on the cost aspects it will be a big benefit. We will have Hadoop configuration with different supporting software like Hive, HBASE, Eclipse, Spark and many more. So we can provide better service to client without worrying about the setup cost.
  • As we discussed above that sandboxes contains all the supporting tools used in Hadoop ecosystem so it will be beneficial to work in Hadoop environment because of availability of all tools as a package. It will increase the productivity.
  • Sandboxes platforms are easy to use form. We can add our own data sets and connect it to existing tools and applications.
  • These sandboxes also provides some basic of Hadoop and other tools to learn. It will helpful to a new employee for a new setup.

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