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Outsource Data Management

Customer Impact

Outsource web crawling services

Product Energy Data Management

70% Cost Reduction

For a medium size E-commerce data Serving Company in US.

Web Log Data Management

50% Time Saving

For a small Management Consulting Company in US.

Outsource database cleaning company

Big Data & Analytics Resource Support

40% Increased Productivity

For a medium size Analytics Service provider in US.

Data Mining Automation Using Python

60% Cost Saving

For a retail chain Based in US.

outsource web data mining services

Our Skills

Our Skills

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We are a team of smart enthusiast people exploring all potential possibilities of automation in Data and IT World. Our team consists of highly skilled big data and data mining specialists, data analysts, statisticians, web researchers, web developers, UI UX experts, BI experts, SEO and SMM experts, Management professionals and individuals with exceptional skill sets across a diverse range of fields that can handle your projects, whatever their scope or complexity. With Hadoop framework and other technological capabilities, scalable operations and a dedication to quality at every step, we can meet your needs.

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