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A few words about us

Outsource Big Data is a provider of KPO and BPO services leveraging all potential possibilities of automation in data and IT world. We leverage big data tools and technology offering data processing, web data scraping, customizable research, BI solutions, Reporting and Dashboarding, IT Application development, Enhancement, Support and analytics solutions for companies and organizations around the world. Our goal is to help businesses in different settings develop data driven solutions to their needs - from growth strategies to marketing and sales optimization.

Our team consists of highly skilled big data and data mining specialists, data analysts, statisticians, web researchers, web developers, UI UX experts, BI experts, SEO and SMM experts, Architects, management professionals and individuals with exceptional skill sets across a diverse range of fields that can handle your projects, whatever their scope or complexity. With Hadoop framework and other technological capabilities, scalable operations and a dedication to quality at every step, we can meet your needs.

Our goal is to provide consistent quality and build a relationship with each client that lasts for years to come. We offer high level of dedication to companies in market research, asset and fund management, business consulting and much more around the globe.

Expect the best

Our Skills


Digital & IT Application


Big Data Analytics


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Expect the best

Our Services

Customized Solution

Every business is different and when outsourcing, you want to know that the final output look the same as if they were done internally. We have extensive experience customizing our services and solutions for small, medium and large businesses for this purpose.

Process Driven Approach

Our team have worked for years to develop best practices that ensure value optimization in our deliverables. We look at numerous factors, including your bottom line and ensure you receive the best possible services, not only to maintain results, but to improve the value of what you offer your customers.

Focus On Core Values

At the center of everything what we do is a focus on core values related to ethical and professional management of our projects. We focus on ensuring every aspect of what we do enhances quality and the rigidity of our processes.


Innovation is imbibed in our culture and our staff is continuously trained on evolving technology. By utilizing Hadoop framework and big data tools, we automate processes and minimize manual effort.

Location and Cost Advantage

Our Global Delivery Model is designed to move our resources to where the greatest talent is located, streamlining and improving services.


Our team is always keen in looking at automation – leveraging big data tools and technology and ensure production delivery is optimized.